Tibetan Personality Test

Tibetan Personality Test

I think I took this test a century ago but I left little impression of it except it was pretty accurate then. Hmm….it’s still quite accurate now…just took it and my answers were different already. Although I feel the answers to some questions are quite assuming and natural. For e.g, the first thing that comes to mind of a dog is usually “loyalty” right? You probably wont think of “cunning” or “selfish” right?!

And for rat, it’s usually “cunning” right? I mean, that’s also what I assumed for foxes. Their qualities were like marred into our brains since young! Dogs are loyal and foxes are cunning. My primary school teachers all said that!

And well for coffee….I dont drink coffee leh!!! So so so…how can my answer be zun right? Lol. I nearby “pengz” when I saw the answer….LOL. Well….try it yourself, I shant let the cat out of the bag. =)

And the very true part of the test is….yes…the moment I saw the question which asked about who I thought of when associated with some colours, my mind reacted so quickly and dearie immediately popped into my mind steadily for that particular 2 colours.

Therefore I’m very sure he’s the person I love most cum my twin soul. =)

That’s great isnt it? It meant that not only he’s my dearest, we can connect very well as well. Since the test required only 1 answer for each colour, I finally chose dearie for “my twin soul” and mummy for “the person I love most.” Personally I will definitely prefer dearie to be my “twin soul” as I believe relationships, or rather marriage is a connection of the souls, minds and bodies and it’s more important than just having love alone.

Working out a relationship or marriage is certainly not dependent on solely love.

Have you ever had a huge crush on somebody whom you feel you totally cant connect with?

You dont understand him.
You dont have much to say to him.
You’re not very interested in what he’s saying.

It might happen both ways too.

But yet, you claimed you love him. Because you like the face you’re looking at, the body you’re holding to.

No, that’s not love. That’s attraction.

That’s not love, because there’s no connection of the souls.

It’s true that in some circumstances, love can make all happen. However, if you cant connect to someone, it’s tiring when you need a double dosage of love and effort to clear all obstacles and make things work.

In my dictionary, it says. “what for?”

Make yourself so difficult for what. =P

It’s truly difficult to find someone you can connect with and who can connect with you at the same time. But I feel it’s hell a lot tougher to love someone whom you cant connect with, enduring all the misfits of lifestyles etc, communication break-downs and trying so hard to remedy all in the name of L.O.V.E.

I used to think that, “OhhHhhhH I love himmmmm. I’m sure I can make it work somehow. And he loves me tooooo and he also did put in effort.”

Alas, sometimes you know, cannot means cannot lah. No matter his effort is “real” or not. Lol.

So there are 2 paths you can choose.

1) Take a longer time(or a lifetime, just kidding) to find that someone who can connect with you and tadah, easy now, happily ever after(most of the time la)

2) Choose any face/body/sex which please you and vice versa(this is so much easier!), BUT spend a lifetime to work things out with him and worship this romantic, awesome, sacred feeling call L.O.V.E.

When I say “connect”, it’s not as if “oh…you both like GUCCI or you both dislike RED colour ok”. Having the same OR different likes and dislikes doesnt determine the connection.

It’s difficult to put a finger to that kind of feeling…but when it happens, you can feel it. A few examples might be…(might not apply to everyone)

1) you both have endless topics to chat about
2) you both are comfortable even in silence
3) you both know what each other is thinking most of the time
4) you both say the same words at exactly the same time

Your minds clicked lah, simply. That in turn will reduce quarrels.

I’m quite used to it now although I used to feel very amazed whenever hubby and I call or sms each other, have the same thoughts out of nowhere or say the same things at the same time.

Think our highest record was 12 chinese characters, all spoken at the same time, same pace. We simply stared at each other and laughed. That’s so sweet. *blushed* We can also think of the same song and sing the same lyrics at the same time out of nowhere or have the same food cravings at the same time. =)

2nd Disclaimer:
I dont mean if nothing of the above mentioned happens then it means that the relationship cant work out hor! I believe LOVE still can make alot of things happen.


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