Natasha’s Wedding.

Sunday was Natasha and Kelvin‘s big day. Not feeling well at this very moment so pardon if I dont sound overly enthu. I’ve been having this blocked nose for days and had been sneezing for the past hour….

The sweet couple held their banquet dinner at M hotel. The dishes were wonderful and service great. I had the chance of having 2 bowls of shark fins because they were plentiful. Yummy yummy. The 2 different cute wedding favors on the table landed me into a dilemma as I dont know which to choose. Both are poker cards but one is round shape while the other is normal rectangular shape. However, each and individual rectangular poker card was adorned with different love poems. So sweet! Anyway, I grabbed the round poker cards which was equally unique. =)

One regret will be I missed viewing the couple’s wedding photos. I wasnt late but was uncomfortably alone in the midst of the crowd at the reception. So I hurried into the hall to find Cat who was already seated. By the time I recalled, it was already too late. =( Hopefully Nana will upload the pictures into Facebook. I’m sure they will be lovely because she looked absolutely stunning that night.

Nana was one who dont doll up much most of the times. However she was one who was blessed with very nice features and a great smile. Standing alongside her hubby, they looked so compatible as both are tall and equally outstanding. Eil was her jiemei and like usual, she was seldom at her seat beside me as she was tending to Nana. Hmm…I was kinda bored half the time at the dinner because Cat was busy chatting with her long-lost friend and I dont know the others at the table. Hmm…it will be much more enjoyable if more mutual friends are at the table. It wasnt very important though as I’m there to witness Nana’s big day and share her happiness. =D

As she wasnt present at the reception, I hardly have the chance to talk to her. However, I managed to grab 1 picture with her and Eil at the end of the banquet.

Natasha, I wish you eternal marital bliss with your hubby and happiness forever. =)

By the way, just got to know J bar at M hotel has this Saturday Ladies Night promotion. Merely $18nett for free flow of champagne, wine and martini from 5pm to 2am. Definitely got enough to drink. And they have gigantic screens showing World Cup too. =D

So…who is onz this Saturday night? Heh Heh~

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