Ger & Pat’s Wedding cum Kel’s Bday @ Boiler Night.

Lately was a whirlwind of joyful events. After Achievers’ Night, it was soon the lovely couple, Ger’s and Pat’s wedding at Marina Mandarin.

It was my first time attending a wedding lunch there and I heard it wasnt cheap despite a lunch. The menu was every bit as splendid as a formal dinner with sharkfin’s and all that. Upon entering the ballroom, you’ll forgot it’s still daytime as the atmosphere was simply warm and spectacular.

The lovely couple looked great together and exceptionally charming respectively in their suave suit and feminine gown. There were more than 30 tables and around 7 tables were made up of us, colleagues. The little girls, probably Pat’s nieces(I guess) were so adorable carrying the little baskets of petals and throwing them in the air admist the mass bubbles during the march in. It was really a very dreamy sight and I cant wait to see the pictures. The couple even engaged a band with both a female and male singer. The songs sang were engaging and especially meaningful for the occasion. Dedications were possible and some even went up to sing for the wedding couple. A warm uncle even got super enthu with his hokkien songs which was quite a funny sight. Many of us complimented the service of the staff, prompt and polite. One of the reasons why we stayed back for quite a while chit chatting. Hahaha.

As the lunch was at 1pm, seriously I really dont have enough sleep as the previous night I was playing mahjiong. As we’re out in a rush, I also forgot to bring my camera, thus no pictures yet. Dear colleagues suggested Boiler Room in celebration of Kel’s birthday for the night at 10pm. Woah! Straight away we went home after the lunch and didnt even loitter at Marina Square for shopping. For once, I slept without difficulty and woke up when the preset alarm rang. I still dont have sufficient rest and looked like a zombie. We shared a cabby down with Kel and Qi who were located near us and we’re ready to rock the night!

We lost count of the number of bottles being opened and I dont have pictures as I didnt bring camera. Dont wish to carry a bulky bag there. The last time I went Boiler was with..Iv and gang? At some anniversary or something but it was donkey years back. This time round, it was every bit as fun with a bigger crowd. I think there were around 30 of us? And everyone were enjoying their night dancing away. The band was coolz and songs really rock. Though dearie dont like most of them. Some colleagues loosen their inhibitions much later after more drinks were consumed. Hahaha. Saw some really “rare” sight from colleagues who behaved reallllyyyy different when they’re sober and drunk. HAHA. Shall not elaborate. But it’s really fun. =) We left when the lights were on at 4am! Goodness, I actually clubbed for 6 hours straight and it has been a long time since I clubbed that long and had so much fun! But of legs were protesting since around 2+am. Lao le lah. Might upload pictures when I got hold of them.

Hope more outings can be arranged in future. =D

Last but not least, Happy belated birthday Kel!~ Hope to receive your red bomb soon. Hee hee.


2 Responses to Ger & Pat’s Wedding cum Kel’s Bday @ Boiler Night.

  1. AnQi says:

    Sweetie,u know what?!!I realised ur language is damn good..lolx..reminds me when I took my GP paper years ago!!!

    • Chilli Padi says:

      Aiyo…me this kind is half bucket water…blog abit still can make it…. You should have seen Adrian’s language, his then is power. That’s why he always laugh at me. Grrrrrr! So you’re Uni student ah, majoring in?

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