Achievers’ Night 2010

Thursday was the eve of public holiday, Vesak Day, and also our company Achievers Night. It was slightly different from the previous years because usually it was held at 5 star hotels either locally or overseas, this year it was held at Sentosa Resort World, Compass East Ballroom. Apart from that, there was a theme as well! Greek Mythology!

I know we shouldnt really expect hardcore costumes and such. Ultimately, we’re not the ang mors who study that as a subject, about the various Gods. Most of the company people are also of an older age group. Our agency is considered one of the younger groups and thus we are more onz. I, however, dont have much time nor mood to source for a suitable dress as I was busy with mummy lately. Plus Grecian dresses are really difficult to buy, not to mention I had no mood to buy also lah, because of mummy’s condition and also when I’m terribly fat now.

Instead, I tried my best to dress to the theme, by finding the closest “grecian-designed” dress in my wardrobe, which is in maroon, drops slightly above knee and from Forever 21. The most prominent Grecian feature, arguably, are the gold chains straps which hold the dress from shoulders. I also grabbed some sleek gold bangles to wear on wrist, gold heels and braided my hair. As my hair is not long enough, I attached a long piece of extension to it. I spent a freaking half hour on the hairstyle. Messy as it was(since Grecian hairstyles are usually messy), I’m glad many said they thought it was a hairstylist job. Kudos to those who actually made time to go to a salon. I dont even have enough time even when I didnt go.

It was my 1st time to Sentosa Resort and it was truly a majestic place with lots of beautiful chandeliers. All my dear colleagues looked so beautiful that night. We seldom see each other really really dress up and boy, they rock! Ir still looked as graceful with her tall figure in her blue toga. I’ve always admire her height. Angie has always been beautiful and more so in her expensive cobalt blue evening sheath which accentuates her fair and radiant skin. Von, my first time seeing her with more elaborate makeup and her eyes really looked sparkling huge. Oli looked stunning in her peacock green deep-V dress and Grecian hairstyle while Lyn looked adorable and youthful in her black shimmery bubble dress. Despite her super bulging tummy, my boss looked great too in her champagne shimmery long gown. The guys were less elaborate but nevertheless, they were exceptionally smart with their jackets on. Too many to name and we were busy chatting until we were due to be seated. Dont have time to take pictures with all.

Dinner was wonderful and of course, the wine. Lol. Both the red and wine were great and I was sipping even before the dinner started. Well it started at around 9pm. Took quite a toll on my stomach. At the end of the dinner, the place was turned into a disco and most of us were dancing on the “dance floor”. Abit weird lah but heck, it’s the company and music that matters. One of our new colleagues over-drank and was dead drunk before the dinner ended. Poor thing, he puked many times. The funny thing was he was dressed like a cupid, A Greek cupid maybe, and it was funny seeing a cupid drunk. Haha. We actually went up to level 2 the Rock Bar or something, hoping to catch a drink but despite it looked posh, it oozes the most stagnant and boring electrons. No music at all! So we left after taking 2 pictures. Haha. Too bad I cant get hold of the mass group photos, yet. Anyway, it was a very fun night and congratulations to all the award winners!!

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