Thanks to friends who care. My mum is better now but still pretty frail. Because her stomach cant digest food very well, I’ve been mostly cooking her meals. I reckon every meal like congee or flish soup from outside might be boring for her. Though my culinary skills are limited, hmm….I guess should be okie lah. Dishes like porridge, steamed egg, simple vege and century egg congee…she cant eat oily, spicy food or food that’s not easy to digest.

Maybe cooking spaghetti for her later but have to see whether she finished the food I’ve cooked earlier. She dont have much appetite and sometimes still feel nauseous.

Sigh… so I’ve been super tired lately. Dearie too, as usually he fetched me to mum’s place especially since I’m already very tired from cooking.

The doc said her intense chest and stomach pain might be complications from her last stomach ulcer operation which results in food not digested well. OR it might be stone in her gall bladder, which I seriously hope not…. She has appointment with a specialist next week and we’ll see…..

2 Responses to Thanks

  1. RaiN says:

    hey girl, how you doing?
    Sorry, I have limited access to wireless here… and that the travel hadn’t exactly been going all well… so only got to read your entry now..
    Please update the latest status… ? Sorry that I can’t be there to help 😦

  2. Chilli Padi says:

    No worries girl. Just enjoy your trip and take lots of beautiful pictures yah!
    Tomorrow bringing her to SGH see specialist. =)

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