Tmd lor. At SGH here waiting for mummy who is resting at the observation ward for doc to see her. And there is this super irratating woman talking in her loud, piercing voice, slang-ing her English in a way I wished to stuff 2 giant Fuji apples down her throat. Laughing out loud in that sultry manner and lamenting “holy cow!”. Moron. She may not care a pin for whoever she’s waiting for, but can’t she give some peace to people who’s worried and probably appreciate some peace??!!

Im real worried about mummy. I think it’s probably her old surgery which is causing the pain in her stomach and chest. Really hope a good doctor can tend to her and not just giving her painkillers to chase her home and then advised her to come back again only if it gets more serious. NUH, you good! Haizz….it might take another hour for her turn. =( Hopefully she will be okie…..Sigh…..


Finally..the doc had seen her. She had taken a blood test and X-ray, now resting in the observation ward. The doc will tell me the results tomorrow morning..but I worried that it will be like the last time I was hospitalised, i.e, no results and doc only prescribed painkillers to ease the pain….

Going to the hospital again in 5 hours time…


3 Responses to At SGH

  1. SeR says:

    OMG, hope ur mum gets well! So much virus n illness around lately.

  2. Chilli Padi says:

    thank you girl…

  3. huey says:

    hope your mum is ok now

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