Yes! Finally a clock!

We have been living “clockless” since the day we moved in because we didnt see any suitable ones back then and also because we dont know how to go about nailing it on the wall as it was pretty heavy. Thank god father-in-law came to our rescue!

I think the green matches our living room and the middle was kind of like a mirror.
Bought it at a shop in Jurong Point.

And finally!!

A wall monument to serve as a bedside table.

Is’nt it lovely? Bought it at a shop in Fareast Plaza. It only arrived end April.

Why that, instead of a similar, nice, decent, french-styled bedside table which I got for the left side of the bed? Like this.

That’s because of the stupid bulging wall next to the right side of bed. Saw it?

A normal side-table wouldnt look adjacent to the left against that bulging wall. Not to mention extremely ugly and out of the way. What’s more, it’s super difficult to find one which matches the room. It would be perfect if it’s in cream. However, it’s still great. Now dearie can put his glasses, handphone, room phone and probably a mug too on it.

Mummy made this for our new home! Finally it was put up.


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