Crappiest show of the year…飞女正传

I’m going to cough blood already. Now at 飞女正传 18th episode and it got more and more ridiculous! All along Yvonne and Janet Bin has been the same person. Yvonne’s outlook merely changes whenever she is being kissed. But at the 17th episode, Yvonne/Janet Bin SUDDENLY contracted 性格分裂症 and began talking to one another – mirror image. And “they” began to oppose one another. 我的天啊!!!

Looking at the comments at PIPI, few were positive. Most of the commentators have the same view as me, i.e, Ada’s role is too selfish, lousy story cum ugly image. Janet Bin can SUDDENLY like Wallace(because of a diamond necklace, to be precise) when she used to detest him. Argh!! Superwoman leh! Can cultivate a little more class or not?? And the 徐永晖(曹永廉饰) also SUDDENLY became soOooo smart after he came out from jail. His enemies, one got jailed SO EASILY and the other was simply so suay to be knocked dead by a car. What the…??

I must say that I have a very “imaginative” mind and wide “ruler”, so it’s not difficult to make me accept sci-fiction films so long so there’s logic and there’s a flow. Ultimately it’s just a show. But there’s simply no logic and no flow! The show just makes you feel 莫名其妙 and buay tong1 lor!

I will still continue to finish the drama….. but I must say, I have never seen such a lousy drama from TVB! It was just very shabbily done! What a waste of Ada’s good acting, gorgeous face and wonderful figure! She really put in ALOT of effort for the show, much more effort than most pugilistic movies are needed. Just read her entry and you’ll know. Most of the dangerous moves like jumping down from 30-storey buildings were all done by herself. I really admire her professionalism and courage but sad to say, now…it seems….sigh…the show really doesnt fetch much positive comments despite her outstanding performances as 2 totally different ladies.

類型 時裝特技
編劇 周旭明、潘凱恩、關炳洪、陳志強
編導 蔡國泰、陸天華、黎栢堅、陳耀全
助理編導 施俊傑、黃嵐暉、杜文鋒、梁御東
演出 蔡少芬、陳 豪、黃德斌、曹永廉
主題音樂 飛女正傳
作曲 陳國樑
集數 24(香港) / 25(海外)
年份 2008 年12月-2009年3月
製作統籌 周慕妍
監製 戚其義
編審 周旭明

Wayang makeup: 张家万,吴汉民
O-biang hairstyle: 周翠娟,杨志健
Horrible 服装设计: 吴秀月

A bunch of crap. I seriously wonder is there someone who is jealous of Ada and purposely dont let her look her best. She still look pretty cute(Yvonne) and beautiful(Janet Bin) inside the show though…just abit 土 lor..

Speaking of the theme song, it’s another crap. Total crap! Super o-biang music just like national anthem with pathetic lyrics, which is…”Fly away now…Fly away now!”

I wouldnt even continue to watch this show beyond the 5th episode if not for Ada Choi. Hng!


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