Very disappointed with 飞女正传

Woah! Really cant stand Ada Choi‘s role, Evonne/Janet Bin in the show 飞女正传

She’s one of my favorite HK idols because not only is she a pleasure to look at, she can act very well too. This show was enthusiastically promoted in her blog. The story revolves around Yvonne, a 35year old plain and fat spinster who was treated unfairly in her job and has no luck in relationship. However, whenever she kisses a male, her hormones change and she’ll turned into Janet Bin, a stunning, sexy superwoman with tremendous power who can fly. Ya, very stupid I know. I just treat it as watching a comedy sci-fiction show loh.

Initially, it was entertaining to watch as it’s pretty funny. But as the show progresses(now at 15th episode, total 20 I think), it’s really a chore to watch. I’ve already tried hard to accept the ludicrous story which got more and more exaggerating cum the super O-biang Janet Bin’s image. Her hairstyle, attire and makeup looked like some wayang opera singer. The worst is both her roles lack so much depth. Initially I thought Evonne is a kind, strong and competent women who lacks suitor because she’s fat and plain. I’m so wrong. What I didnt know was she’s actually a very materialistic and selfish women who uses people to her advantage in the show. Both Evonne and Janet Bin are the same, 自私, 自恋, 自大 with a razor sharp tongue。 The only difference is, Evonne is very bad-tempered and chor lor while Janet Bin is very feminine and bitchy. The way she whines….Oh my goddddddd~

Even the other 3 male leads lack depth.

Wallace, starred by Moses Chan is a very superficial man who only care about looks and figure.

徐永晖 is a silly man who loves Evonne blindly and always got conned.

Edmond, a cop who toys with Evonne’s feelings just because he wants to make use of her in his job.

Even the plot is so boring and bo liao.

On the other hand, 美丽高解像 is a much more outstanding drama. It’s story talks about the rivalry between aspiring actresses who fight to fulfill their dreams. The main leads 徐子珊, 陈敏之 and 伍咏薇 might not be the most righteous roles but at least the roles got depth and the plot is very engaging and compelling. It might not be the latest drama(produced in 2009) but standard wasnt compromised. I’m very addicted to it right now. Too bad it’s a short drama, only 20 episodes and I’m at 17. It might not have a very strong cast but all the stars have good performances. Thumbs up. Maybe I’ve watched too much HK drama hence can pretty much guess how the plot goes most of the time. It’s still very entertaining though.

So far, 冨貴门 is still the most compelling and intriguing show because it’s the only show I’ve watch where the plot surprises me most of the time. Other than the illogical ending where Gallen wasnt put behind bars, all the plots are good strategies and logical as well. I’m “amazed” by Gallen’s wit in the show, thanks to the script writer. What’s best is ALL the stars have very fantastic performances.

Such shows are great mind simulators. Not to simulate one to become more evil, but rather to simulate one’s sharpness so that wont be easily fooled by ill-intentioned people.

I should have watched more HK dramas when I’m younger, else wouldnt be conned or made use by some so-called “good” friends and “nice” guys already. Haha~ I’m glad it’s still not too late now to learn how to judge people though.


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