Chillipadi in action

I got very mad one night after I’m back drinking with Kel and Jy because I encountered the most G-L cab driver I have ever met. He thought I wasnt sober, judging from the place he picked me up from, but hng, me drunk? You wish!
I was, however very tired already at 3+am. But as dearie was still awake, I cajoled him to help me write the email before I forgot the details and off I went to take my shower. It’s good when you have an eloquent hubby who is also good in writing. Within minutes, he presented with his work~

Complaint Email to COMFORT CAB

Re: Filing Of Complaint Against COMFORT CAB, SHA7798K

Dear Sir/Mdm

I hailed a Comfort blue cab outside Boat Quay at approximately 12:05 am on 28th April 2010. I told him to send me home, which is at Choa Chu Kang St 64, and to go by Bukit Timah. What I could not comprehend was that he went by Kim Seng, River Valley, then going to Orchard before heading towards PIE! Why couldn’t he take a shorter route via AYE? The least he could have done was to advise on the shortest route available since I truly believe that the traffic would be clear anywhere at this time.

Therefore when we reached Bukit Timah, I asked him politely why he took this long route and he very rudely replied that this is the only route. At the same time, looking at the clear traffic, I asked him whether he can speed up a little bit than his constant 70km/hr. He then retorted by saying “you said you want to go by Bt Timah, it’s this speed one lor!” I merely told him to go a little faster, not to go at 120km/h! That is definitely not the way to reply to your passenger.

When approaching my home at Stagmont Ring(railway track), all he had to do was to do a left turn where my block was just there. Instead he had the cheek to ask me if he should turn left or go straight, which would bring me to Woodlands!!

The final fare was S$25 dollars. I have never been billed more than S$22 when taking cab back from the Boat Quay! It is obvious that he was not being honest.

As such I am very unhappy with his unprofessionalism and dishonesty. I feel that he is trying to test my knowledge of the roads and once knowing that I am not too familiar or thinking that I’m not sober since I hailed a cab outside a pub, he tried to go by a longer route in order to hike the cab fare. He was also very rude whenever I asked him questions politely.

I have always felt that the majority of the cab drivers in Singapore are quite honest and professional and as such, I think there is a need to highlight to you when such errant drivers are encountered. I hope that appropriate actions are taken against the said driver and to ensure that such an unpleasant experience can be avoided in the future.

Thank you for your attention and time.

Warmest regards


After the automated polite reply, the real actual reply came after 9days.

CTPL Feedback
to me

show details 5:42 PM (11 hours ago)

Our Ref: CTPL/2010048767

Dear Ms Lim

We refer to your feedback on 28 April 2010 and would like to deeply apologise about the delay in our reply.

An investigation was conducted. Based on our findings, the distance which the said driver had taken was justified. The driver confirmed that the trip was picked from Boat Quay to Choa Chu Kang, and from the breakdown of the fares, it showed that the Meter fare was $15.80, CBD Charge $3.00, Midnight Charge $6.20 and the total fare was $25.00. Nonetheless, your complaint has been noted in his service record and we will monitor his performance.

I have also enclosed the taxi fare chart for your a better understanding on how the taxi fares are being calculated.

(See attached file: Metered Fare.jpg)(See attached file: Taxi Fare.jpg)

Thank you for your feedback. It is our desire that every trip onboard ComfortDelgro taxis is a pleasant one. We will continue to reinforce our service enforcement, communication and training efforts to push up service levels by ComfortDelgro drivers.

Yours sincerely
Tan Shu Zhen
Customer Service Officer
Customer Service Centre
ComfortDelGro – Taxi Business
CS Hotline: 6552 4525

I think they’re very polite and really does treasure feedback. I’m quite satisfied lah. Though seriously, please dont misunderstand that I’m a complaint queen who always go around complaining hor. It’s my virgin complaint email okie. I might get annoyed at times but frankly speaking, where always got the time and effort to write emails to complain? Very free meh? Of course not. It’s really because that cab driver got a super F attitude.

Anyway, here’s my reply.

Thank you for your attention and reply.
I’m glad actions had been taken.

However, as much as your findings insisted that the route was justified, I just have to say I had taken cabs at that hour, at exactly the same venue back to my home many times at a cheaper fare price. Although it wasnt very much cheaper(perhaps only by $3), it’s difficult to say how much extra route he would have taken if I had not voiced out or answered the wrong choice to his stupid question at the Stagmont ring junction. The route which he initially took was also foreign to me, nothing like the usual route. It’s hard to make me believe 20 other cab drivers are wrong and he’s the only right one, especially when the fare came up to be more expensive. It’s just plain obvious he’s out to overcharge whenever he can, especially when it comes to passengers who are not familiar with routes or not sober etc. And his attitude certainly needs improvement.

In any case, thanks alot for your patience in hearing me out. It’s still very heartwarming that most Comfort/City cab drivers are honest.

Have a great weekend!

Warm regards

Frankly speaking, I’m actually more pissed off at his attitude than his deliberate hike of fare. I know most taxi drivers just want to make a living and usually, even if they go by a longer route, no matter intentionally OR not, I also wont mind especially just a few bucks difference. BUT, I will really explode if they’re rude to me!

Lately, more and more pedestrians have been crossing the roads without looking, or else, ACTING as if they didnt see cars coming. This is extremely dangerous. Recently, I’ve also experienced cab drivers sms-ing or talking on the walkie-talkie while driving. If awhile nevermind but the 2 drivers which I met, were busy for the WHOLE journey until I voiced it out politely that it’s very dangerous. Luckily they very zi-dong and guai guai stopped what they were doing.

With such pedestrians and drivers, it’s no surprise that accidents have been increasing. Everyday I saw accidents on the streets, up to a max of three a day. Just nearby my home, police are calling for witnesses to a fatal accident. Poor thing. Wondered who is lying in the hospital now.

Walk or drive with care, no matter whether you have ample insurance or not. And if you do not have, know what to do liao huh~ Haha.


2 Responses to Chillipadi in action

  1. RaiN says:

    🙂 It always tickled me when I read your entries written with a bit of spite. I don’t meant that I like making you angry, but trust me, you sound more funny in entries like this 😛

    With reference to this incident, I must say…
    Actually, if I set my GPS for my house (which is not so far away), it also directed me to use the PIE instead of AYE. Noting that the settings of my GPS is “shortest route”
    I suspect that AYE appeared to be shorter because of the flow in traffic as well as final amount of traffic lights. But in terms of real distance, PIE might really be the shorter route. I guess… shorter does not equate to faster nor cheaper

    But then again, I think (my assumption) that you probably are more frustrated with the attitude of the taxi driver than the distance or the money itself right? The “Chilli Padi” I know would never kick up such a big fuss over minute issues like this

    Smilez 🙂
    And miss ya!

  2. Fion says:

    Lol. Ya lah, it’s his attitude which makes my blood boil. And secondly, I hate very very dishonest people. If he merely wanted to earn a few more bucks, fine. But the very obvious question at the Stagmont Ring is plainly out to “chop” me lor. Made me so angry. If I answered wrongly, I probably end up in Woodlands liao! It wont be just a few bucks difference already.

    But hor, actually my house is not veryyy near to you, our nearest exits are different. The place where we depart from also matters. From boat quay, the nearest expressway is AYE, so it actually make more sense to take AYE then Bt timah because if take PIE, need to go all the way to Orchard. If I’m at Orchard then ya, PIE is a better choice.

    Ya true, shortest/fastest does not equate to cheapest. But customer got the right to choose the route mah. If he go by the way I preferred and it turns out more expensive then I LL loh. But it’s not the case.

    Generally, cab drivers always take the nearest expressway via nearest exit to your destination. If he didnt or if you’re nearby 2 expressways, he should ask. If he didnt ask and just go on his own to a much further expressway, you ought to be careful already. Though usually this hardly happens. I suspect he thought I’m drunk, that’s why choot pattern loh.

    Usually weekdays after 1am and weekends after 2.30am, we’ll take Bt Timah, traffic very clear, very fast one. Maybe you can try next time. =)

    I always take cab lah, poor life, not like you always being fetched by suitors one ok. =P So I remembered cab fares and the routes well. I’m still a direction idiot, I somewhat recognised the usual routes but dont know the road names except the main ones.

    Dine/Wine/Pub soon my dear. =D

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