Purchases from Europe

Many friends , especially girls, have been asking me to post up stuff I bought. Funny lor, they’re more interested in seeing what I bought more than where we went. Haha. =.=””

Actually I didnt buy many things. Mostly because we only have very little shopping time there and seriously there’s really nothing much WORTH buying down there because everything is more expensive there after currency conversion. The only stuffs worth buying are the branded goods, as you know, they’re like 20-30% cheaper. I guess we’re lucky that we went there when Euros and Pounds are low. I had, however, utilized my “bags” quota for this year and next year.

Switz are famous for their Swiss-made watches, Swiss army knife and chocolates. However, because the watches are Swiss-made, they’re more expensive as all the parts used are of better quality and were assembled there rather than in Bangkok/China/Singapore. Unless you’re a collector or bloody rich, you probably wont buy. We only bought a few chocolates from there.

Paris, needless to say, is a heaven for designer goods. Basically almost every brand is cheaper there. Do note that MontBlanc is actually cheaper in Singapore Airports and Burberry is cheaper in London.

Initially I didnt intend to buy anything from LV because I didnt see anything I like from it’s webby nor Sg store. Moreover, I dont have enough time because we only have 3hours in Paris for shopping and much time was being spent shopping on hubby’s briefcase. MAN, can be so indecisive at times. ZzZz. While we’re waiting for the SA to get us dearie’s bags(he bought 2) and Kel’s Artsy MM, I spotted a woman browsing this design, Verona PM.

I thought it was not bad. I grew to love it because it’s in Damier Ebene Canvas as the beige leather parts for Monogram Canvas tend to “brown” after a period of usage. It can become real ugly. What’s best is, it can be carried as a shoulder bag as well as a top-handle bag.

I love it because

1) it’s limited edition
2) it’s vibrant orange
3) it’s gold chrome logo
4) it’s light-weight
5) it’s the perfect size

Have you any idea how heavy is the classic range of their Caviar/Nappa leather and calfskinned bags? One weighs like at least 1 kg with absolutely nothing in it. Certainly not for old folks like me whose frail shoulder gives pain if I carry too heavy stuff for long.

I realised their shops only display a very small range of bags. Mostly are being kept inside(dont know for what lor) and they only bring it out when you request for it. Perhaps we’re tourists, the bilingual SA(arranged to serve us) specially requested their staff to bring out the exclusive designs, hence we’re able to see them. Even then, it’s very limited. So dont bother surfing for their designs online before your Paris trip, you cant get them anyway. Blearh…I guess this is call “acting exclusive”. For Hermès Birkin bag, they wont even let you see the bag unless you spent at least twenty grand in their shop and being put in their VIP list first!

When I carried this orange fabric bag to meet my girlies, they cried “it’s so you!” in unison. Really meh? Haha. But I do love things with gold details, especially in chrome. I’m usually not a fan of bright colours but this orange really look fantastic(in my opinion). It’s only bad point is that it’s not easy to match. Perhaps only in full black etc. It’s okay though, I’m almost always in black. I love it’s size too. Most flap bags are pathetically small where you cant even bring along your powder for touch-ups but this is neither too big or too small. Suitable for night outs as well as dinners. It can fit a small wallet, key pouch, powder, lip gloss, blotters and handphone perfectly without looking bulky or anything. Practical, I’m still a very practical person. With taste of course. =P

Of course, how can I miss my fave Burberry when I’m in London? I bought this classic Haymarket check tote in London as a working bag as it’s not as loud as a C or LV. It’s light-weight and fits A4 size. After using it then I realised my previous stupid FION bag is so damn heavy(in comparison)! Seriously never realised it was heavy, maybe because I was blinded by it’s “beauty”. Haha.

Playful Nova heart bowling bag. So cute and sweet.

I was actually very disappointed with London’s Burberry’s collection. It was much smaller than Sg’s one. Each series came in only very limited designs. I meant to buy a Nova Check bag but didnt see any design I fancy. Sad.

Bought 2 items from SQ Krisflyer shop. As much as their service sucks, they carry a few exclusive and pretty fantastic items!

MontBlanc chunky necklace with rotating pendant.

This side is the mother-of-pearl

This side is silver

Love it. You have to buy it from SQ Kris shop as they owned it exclusively. So they’re not available in the boutiques.

Shu Uemura make-up palette, again, only available through Kris shop

It’s very worth it, in my opinion as it comes with a full size blusher, 4 mini eyeshadows, 1 cream eye-liner, 1 highlighter coupled with brushes.

Lovely colours

Bought from London airport. I’m glad as it’s cheaper than Paris!

éclat perfume from the perfume gallery in Paris

Bangle from Claire’s, in Switz.

Another palette from Claire’s, in Switz

DKNY bangle watch from Paris.

I had the silver one already but never saw the gold one in Sg. It is slighter cheaper than SG price after the rebates

That’s all. Bought a few dresses/tops/skirt from H.M in Switz, that’s about it. I always worry that I might regret the things I bought since they’re not cheap but I’m glad that I didnt regret abit. They’re so much cheaper than their normal SG prices and most are exclusive and unique in their own ways. I would say my fave among these favourites are the C bag, MB necklace and Shu-E palette, maybe mostly because they’re exclusive. =D

I hereby swear that I wont buy any bags/make-up palettes/perfumes for this year and next year! If you see me wanting to buy, please stop me!

Lastly, 2 reluctant purchases when I’m back in Sg, just because my camera and phone are spoilt. Sigh.

Okie. I’m broke now. You happy.

Oh by the way, 2 of my bags are pressies from dearie. Isnt that so sweet of him? =D

Thanks dear for the wonderful honeymoon. *SMUACKS*

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