Emo Monster on a rollercoaster (18 and above only)

I always get super emo when Auntie Crimson came. Suddenly I felt so stressed, so lost, so unwell with all the pains(headache, cramps and backache) that I just hugged hubby and cried for a full minute. Sobbing, more like it. I’m shocked myself, I have never behaved like that. It’s so weird especially when the previous happy entry was wrote like 8hours ago. What a huge contrast of feelings.

Anyway I felt better after the sobbing. But I’m still having insomnia. I only slept a few hours these days. Sigh. Super fed up with my company. They’re really inefficient at some area and it adds up to my frustrations. When mummy told me she wasnt feeling well these days as she suspects her menopause is coming, I got very worried for her too.

Why God is so unfair?

We have to suffer no matter we have periods OR NOT.

At one point where it leaked for the 3rd time, I was swearing and cursing under my breath, “FINE! I’ll wear “Pampers”(my largest size of pad, 30cm)!! Will you stop all this bloody leaking?!” It’s so troublesome to wash off the stains and changed a full set of clothing everytime.

What’s more, I’m behaving like some handicapped with uncontrollable bladder or damned baby, carrying the baby mat with me everywhere I sit, from my white sofa to my bed, so that I wont stain anywhere under me.

Other than being straight(I like men), I’m a MAN all over(personality wise). Why give me a female body and let me suffer all this emo traumas???



One Response to Emo Monster on a rollercoaster (18 and above only)

  1. efatrie says:

    i actually like being a girl, cos can use makeup when i m ugly! hahaha!!!

    hmmm i oso hate it when the menses are here.. try to reduce caffine intake, may help!

    eat and rest well during each month too! i find it helps a lot ;p

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