Renovation Tips

(P/S If you’re someone with MANY MANY MANY barang barang, then this post is great for you! Lol.)

No matter how tired I am when I reached home after work, my house will always bring a smile to my face. It’s not a lavish nor a big home but I really do love it. I think that’s because not only because it’s comfy, it’s very practical and suit my needs. Perhaps I can share some tips for upcoming home owners. Might be boring to some though, haha.

I think an ideal home is one which oozes warmth and lets you look forward to coming home every day. Every room or area should serve it’s purpose because I’m a very practical, efficiency-oriented and lazy person. Haha. Apart from the reno works, the furnitures you buy are also very important. Know what you want, spend some time to think about it and you will appreciate the ease and convenience which you’re going to enjoy later, for at least a couple of years.

1) Always discuss with your partner what he wants and what you want—>Compromise
You wont want misunderstandings nor conflicts later. There will (almost) never be a couple who wants EXACTLY the same details. Therefore, accommodate and prioritize, together with practicality.

For hubby, he’s actually a more visual person(which guy isnt? Duhz) and his concept is very simple. Everything must LOOK GOOD. Despite sometimes they’re not practical at all. On the other hand, I’m more practical and logical, though I still have a minimum standard of visual pleasure. And so, from there we compromise.
We know that every decision we make is going to affect our next 5-8years of life.

For example, he wants a beautiful chandelier and absolutely no ugly standing fans in the living room. I know very well that I cant tolerate the hot weather and so I voiced out, “then it’s a must to install aircon in the living room.” With every decision made/changed, there’s always a chain reaction. With an aircon in living room, we need to consider the higher electricity costs and the total number of aircons we’re going to have, i.e system 3 or system 4 etc.

Hubby actually wanted the typical condo layout, with grey grey walls looking classy and everything. I actually worry that might make the house look grim and smaller too. I would have accommodated him(since he’s paying. Haha) until the fengshui master specified that beige is more for us. Hubby is okie with it so beige it is. We took a long time to decide the right shade of beige and it is great. You can advise your painter to get a small tub and paint a small area for you to view first. Just so you wont regret later.

2) Work out dimensions and buy the right furnitures/electronics
It will help greatly in buying furnitures if you already know what design and layout you’re going to adopt. From there, work out the dimensions and make sure you dont buy something too big or too small. Although at times, it’s still very difficult to visualise despite having the dimensions. You probably wont buy something too big, but you might get something too small.

For example, I feel our sofa and tv console turned out smaller than expected. Why, it looked pretty huge in the shop, perhaps because it’s in white. I wished both of them are longer. And suddenly we realised our living aint that small, even when we put in a writing table to separate a working area. That’s why we’re very careful of choosing bulky furnitures, for fear of the living room looking cluttered. Anyway, I was glad that our living room still look spacious. Very spacious indeed, it can probably contain another 2 mahjiong tables. =.=”’

For electronics, I mostly meant the LCD TV. Make sure the TV you bought is neither too big or too small. For that, you have to establish the distance between the sofa and tv console.

Apart from the size, also established the positions of the furnitures and more importantly, their use. I know very well that I’m a barang barang person with LOTS and LOTS of stuff, especially clothes. So, a giant wardrobe is a must. Dont be shabby on the details of the custom-made wardrobe. Think through what you’re going to put inside apart from clothes. How much clothings to be hanged and how much to be folded? How many bags compartment you need? Etc.

I will share what are some of the important details which are extremely useful to me. And I’m SO GLAD that some of these important decisions werent successfully swayed by the ID or contractors. You need to be firm at times, and of course, BARGAIN. They will say things like, “nobody do it like this” or say dampening things so sway your decision(to cut cost) but if you did enough research, just believe in yourself and be firm!

We have these large drawers made for our folded clothings.

Vastly preferred them to my friends’ usual compartments as I dont have to dig for clothings which are stuffed all the way inside. In fact, I hardly need to pull them out as there’s ample light, especially for the clothings placed outside.

A portion of compartments for bags, my shitload of hair accessories and stuff etc.

Wired baskets(work like drawers) are also extremely useful for undergarments. 1 for me and 1 for hubby. Do remember to bargain for them so that they’re included. By the way, if you’re one who owns many bras, you might need more than 1 basket as it’s not huge. Haha.

Other than wardrobes, below are some stuff which I love.

Master bedroom toilet’s mirror cabinet set

Almost all my skincare and tube masks got inside, saving me so much space. Though it’s not as if I use them always. But it’s a good reminder though.

The cabinet beneath the sink is also very useful for storing toilet papers, shampoos, shower foams, pads, toilet bowl cleaners etc. Very handy when you just run out of toilet paper! It stores everything neatly and out of sight, isnt it great?

My dressing table. I wonder if you find this cluttered but this is like the best I can manage because it’s more practical to keep all the necessities within reach. Like basic skincare/makeup, lens, watches, accessories, perfumes etc. No problem for me when it doesnt have a huge mirror as I usually use a smaller mirror for makeup. I have another longer length IKEA mirror in the room, so no problem. =)

As I said, I’m simply….someone with TOO many stuff and normal dressing tables really cant suit my needs.

Hmm…this is a french bedside table and I love it to bits. Not only is it classy, it’s very practical too. On it is a Victorian-styled lamp(love love, with dimmer too!), aroma therapy, alarm clock and we usually placed our specs, handphones and a mug on it too.

Inside the drawer? Mini lighter for lighting the aroma therapy candles, small Buddhism scripture(you never know when you need it. HAHA.), facial/eye masks(sometimes can use when I’m playing lappy just before I sleep. Hee), mini hairclips, ear piece(so that wont disturb hubby when he’s sleeping), aircon remote and eye-drops. The cabinet beneath it, we have things like aroma therapy candles cum solutions, body lotion, condoms etc. HAHAHA.

It’s SO useful.

We always see tiny bedside tables being sold outside, and as I say, they really dont suit my needs because I’m a very troublesome person. Hahaha.

French lounge chair. Abit too small for our room, sigh, but still nice. =) Usually I will put our home lappy there before I sleep as well as my handbag etc.

Our white tv console. Do not underestimate this console as it actually has a total of 6 drawers right before your eyes! I thought it was great for us as we have shitloads of Hk TVB dramas, DVDs, VCDs, CDs etc. What’s more, our wedding albums are also inside. Guests can view easily if they come. =) The drawers are fully utilised. =P

Okie lastly, for the kitchen…

These giant drawers are great. They can store alot of things and it’s very easy to pull them out. Make sure your ID use good hinges though. They’re much better than conventional 2-door cabinets as you dont have to dig for stuff placed all the way inside.

I’m SO GLAD I didnt listen to the ID’s advice and make normal 2-door cabinets instead. Giant drawers are so much more practical and look classier too! They dont even need anti-slam when they’re occupied as they closed easily softly. =)

Of course we still have 2-door cabinets under the stove and kitchen sink, they cant be replaced because of the gas pipings and sink pipings. But other than those, mine are all giant drawers.

3) Decide whether you’re staying there for good
If you cant decide and dont know, buying movable furnitures is a safer bet. With lesser built-in items, it will also give you a higher value if you’re selling your house in the future. And the movable furnitures, if they’re still usable, can also save you some costs. The kitchen, however, is unavoidable la, will be built-in.

4) 2-way switches
Use them wisely and only when necessary. It’s not fun when you have too many switches on your walls. Usually it’s useful when there is a long walk way or corridor outside the rooms or for mansionette. The common switches are; 1) corridor lights, 2-way switches to be put in the masterbed room and along the corridor. They’re usually used at night if you need a get a drink and it’s too dark to grope along the walk way. Another one could be the living room lights, 2-way switches to be put along the entrance to the living room and near the main door, so that you can off the lights just when you’re leaving the house and also light up the living room when you’re out from your room.

Many people spent bombs on reno and furnitures and the houses look great. But as a matter of fact, most of them dont look as nice after many years down the road. Why? Because the house became cluttered with things thrown everywhere when there’s not enough proper storage to store them convenientyly. When furnitures dont suit your needs, it creates inconvenience and in turn, cause clutters as we cant be very diligent ALL the time. It’s unavoidable that you will certainly buy more things through time but if you have enough storage and maintain neat habits, your house will look pleasurable at any time. And definitely welcoming everytime you reach home. =D

Alrighty. Hope it serves some insight for upcoming home owners.



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