Honeymoon – Part 4

Okok…last honeymoon entry liao.

Took quite many pics in London as I said I love the architectures there. And what’s best is all the entrances to the museums are FREE! We need to pay in Paris. =P But too bad we dont have much time in London, only around 1.5 days. Dont even have time to meet dear Gen there as she’s only available that monday evening and we planned to catch a musical. Musicals are only available in the evenings and we only have 1 evening!

The theater is very beautiful with lovely 3D painted carvings of statues on the ceilings. We caught Les Misérables which is as the name suggests, so damn miserable lah. So sorry dont know how to appreciate…definitely prefer Phantom of the Opera any time. Sigh…should have spent the S$80 per pax re-watching it instead. I mean, the actors and actresses were great but the story is draggy and boring, plus the music is not pleasing to my ears. Perhaps only 1 or 2.

Hmm…we definitely did some shopping. Bought another 2 bags and a wallet cum key pouch for dearie. =) Shopped along Harrods, but nothing to buy.

Since we’re at London, how can we miss visiting some famous football clubs’ stadiums?

Chelsea’s. Only 15minutes from our hotel

we paid S$30 per pax for a elaborate tour inside(no stepping on the nice greens though). Thank god it was fun and entertaining.

News conference table

Going out to play liao. Haha

Dearie bought a few sporty t-shirts there. As Adidas is their main sponsor, the Adidas shirts were so cheap there.

Of course…how can we miss dearie’s favorite club, Tottenham Hotspurs?

Wah, see the big difference in expression compared to the one at Chelsea. Haha.

Spur’s stadium is located very far from our hotel. The train, bus journey with a little walking took almost 2 hours to and fro. Initially dearie said dont waste time to go there since we already has so little time in London. But I said since we’re in London, dont waste the opportunity. It’s too bad that there’s no matches when we’re there. Worse still, the tickets for a tour inside the stadium were sold out and we can only take pictures outside and go their shop instead. Dearie bought a few sporty t-shirts which look great on him. They were priced much more expensive than Chelsea though.

THE END! Finally finished! More pics on facebook. Add me if you want the see the pics. Ask me for email then.


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