*Edited* 12 days Europe Honeymoon Trip – Part 2

Before I start my entry, just read this, http://thotpcs.blogspot.com/2009/03/sq321-flight-delay-from-london-to.html. It’s an account of a 12hours flight delay for the same SQ321 Airbus which departed just 1 day later than us from London! It’s totally horrible. I can totally imagine the agony and frustration of those passengers, probably of 4 times worse, since my flight delay of 3 hours already drove me pretty crazy. SQ really sucks…BIG TIME!

By the way….somehow the pictures after being uploaded onto wordpress seemed to lose it’s sharpness…and it kinda douses my enthusiasm to blog and upload pictures…Sigh…but cant stop halfway. Clicking on the pictures itself can view it better….

Okie..so to continue…

Still in Switzerland….seriously…too many days there…but we realised all the tours are planned like this.


More sightseeing….and photo taking….
Seriously it got boring after a while and pictures got lesser and lesser.

The Clock Tower

Parliament house

Cute mini car

Big bear in bear pit

2 baby cubs

We did a littttleee window shopping at Zermatt, another ulu village. Nothing much except beautiful snow mountains all around you.

Magnificent horses!

Pretty scared they kick me!

Yummy pastries as always there. Our hotel was EILTE hotel, damn lok so I didnt bother to take pictures. The translucent curtains with shared balconies cum corridors among rooms were almost our last straw. Ah doi! Cant even change in the room lor! Much less do what honeymooners were supposed to do. =P


Château de Chillon
Beautiful castle isnt it….heard it was once a prison.

Flower Clock

Finally we left Switzerland and reached France, Dijon, home to the finest french cuisine.!

At Kyriad hotel, Chez Marco French Restaurant. Must try!!

Nice Sakura blossoms

Indeed, it is! Just see the pictures of our sumptuous french dinner. Yum yum!!

In the restaurant

Escargots!! Delicious!!

Served warmly on a metal plate. Thumbs up.

Initially the pictures of normal snails kept flashed before my eyes and I was unable to stomach it. But finally I curbed the phobia and ate it! It was very nice! Wonder where can I have yummy and fresh ones in Singapore? Do recommend ya.

Some people in our tour group was unable to finish all, so I had 3 more. =D

Main course. Nothing much…tasted like turkey breast meat. Still, it was so much better than Swiss’s food which was nauseatingly salty.

What can I say? Other than shopping, then is Eiffel Tower loh. =)


Up we go, to the Eiffel Tower!!

View from the top

Down we go

See! Dearie take pictures always slant 1 side! The Eiffel Tower looks crooked lor!

That title dot is me! Another crooked picture…..with the top cut off. Bo doh!

To be continued……………Day 8 in Paris


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