Despicable M1

Oh man. It seems I can never get sick of Mariah Carey’s Obsessed.mp3. It sounds so so so good even after looping like 85, 231 times. The lyrics struck me as very funny too especially knowing the background story behind it. Dearie told me that. I’m usually not very updated with gossip news. Haha.

I was damn pissed in the afternoon after a call to M1. My mobile contract with them is expiring in 3months time and as a LOGICAL and practical consumer, I’m looking over all the various phones and offers. And it seems if I am to change a subscriber either to Starhub or Singtel, I dont have to pay a single cent for my selected phone, Nokia E52. If I stayed with M1 instead, I have to pay $148 EVEN with contract. Of course it doesnt make sense. Especially more than 2 friends told me they always give out handphone vouchers to customers so as to make them stay. Why, 2 of my friends got their iphones for just topping up $98 because they got $100 voucher on request. Though I vaguely remembered their subscriber is Singtel.

The first time I called M1, they said they dont have vouchers for the time being but can offer to rebate $50 off my bill after I recontract. However, I need to call in and request again, assuming they hold their promise. But, …am I too sensitive here? Why do I feel they dont even give me the decent respect a customer should have? Call to request again for the $50 rebate after re-contracting? What do they treat me as? Anyway, I called the second time because I’ve forgotten to ask about the porting of number charges, in the event I do need it. Guess what the CSO told me? S$214 freaking dollars just because my number is so damn “lucky” and is considered a “golden” number. That’s downright bullshit because my number is far from being pretty. Just tell me how can 9073 XYYY sound special when not even an 8 is inside my number!! And she dare to claim it’s soOoo “lucky” because of the XYYY. Wah kaoz! I reckoned loudly it’s ridiculous. Moreover I wasnt being INFORMED that it’s a special number when I first signed up. The female CSO was obviously not taking the responsibility and not open for negotiations. Her tone and attitude wasnt commendable too.

I was obviously very angry when M1 stooped to such despicable act of holding their customers when they’re unwilling to offer perks to their customers. You see, they’re giving $100 discount to Starhub and Singtel hoppers on contracted handphone prices and so does their competitors. Consumers have a right to choose.

I think my receipt was somewhere in the house but it’s going to take alot of precious time to dig it out. It has been 1 year 9months! Anyway, before I got enthu with digging, I called up Singtel and Starhub to ask whether they have the model in gold but they didnt. Sigh. Ever since I saw the gold one at the M1 roadshow at Jurong Point, I fell in love with it.

Fine. You win. Asshole. Mentally I declared myself a loser. And a terrible one, for I anxiously called Lin to meet up at JP for dinner, so that no one snatches my phone. Timing was great, we didnt have to wait long for each other.

And…..was…..dully…informed….that….the gold E52 was out of stock.

When instock?

Dont know.

Seriously the CSO there are like…I dont meant all…but mostly were idiots. When I tried to confirm the porting charges again, a plump auntie there INSISTS in a tone addressing me as if I’m a juvenile, THAT, porting charges are supposed to be charged by the new subscriber. I was like, what the??? Sigh.

The people I encountered nowadays just have a way of making me cough blood. Why??? Why do I have to meet more than 1 idiot per day??

Anyway, sweet Lin accompanied me to NOKIA and asked again. This time a guy told me that the gold version is ONLY available in empty set because all 3 subscribers dont carry it.

Sighhhhhhhhh Anti-climax.

Empty handset how much?


Hello it’s a E series phone!! It’s not touch-screen nor the latest phone whatsoever.

I know people will be scolding how dumb I am if I were to buy it. Of course that’s not the major reason lah. It’s just not worth it, even Lin said so.

But it’s truly a very smart SMART-PHONE leh….loaded with QuickOffice and Sync qualities.

Anyway, the white was not bad but I shall not get it.

I will NOT get the white phone with my heart pinning on the gold one. I know I will never be happy with it.

And with a laugh, I told Lin that this is how I view relationships too.

I will never get together with someone, knowing he’s great in every way, who loves and dotes on me WHEN my heart is with another. Nor will I continue to STAY in a relationship if I realised my heart is no longer at the right place.

But there are such people in this world. People who harbour the intention to find a better patch of land while holding on to the existing safety swimming float, i.e, the existing partner.

Such people really need to get a life and grow up, and stop thinking that the world revolves around them. Strictly self-centered and extremely selfish, they’re constantly denying the love, status and respect which their partners fully deserved. While writing these, I can already think of a few names but I’m very glad some of them are not termed “friends” anymore. I might not have a right to dictate how people should live their lives….however..while I wont comment directly to them, there’s a limit to how deep the friendship CAN go.

Be true to yourself.

Sounds so easy but maybe it aint that easy, for some.

(P/S Had a sumptuous dinner with Lin at IchiBan and a great bitching and shopping session. =D Thanks for making my day!)


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  1. efatrie says:

    lol! i enjyoed myself too!!! love the mango roll la, bery nice hehe!

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