I’m really pleasantly surprised by all the various messages/calls from friends who expressed care and concern these few days. Basically most of them took action after seeing my facebook. Lol. A friend even told me I sounded depressed! Hmm……I was definitely upset for the past few days but not to the extent of depressed lah. I was however, very touched with all the concern. Wow, it’s like I’m hardly the frequent damsel in distress to be showered with attention. Usually I’m the female knight in shinning armour, offering my shoulders and ears instead. Lol. It’s good to have a switch. =) I might missed replying a few messages because I was simply not in the mood…but I really do remember where they came from. *hugs all*

Sigh. I also dont know…but I’m like on a emo roller coaster these days. Dearie irritates me almost all the time and most of the time I’m cool with it. I mean, I’m used to his sarcastic, mean, funny, blunt remarks already, reckoned that we’ve been together for so long. BUT, when I’m in a BAD or DOWN mood, or when I’m sick, or when I’m in a very vexed situation, IT CAN BECOME VERY IRRITATING. I will be exceptionally petty, sensitive, dramatic, emotional…anything you can think of. Every little thing can get magnified into a ultra-serious-earth-shattering matter.

Speaking of my health, these few days, I’m really in and out from clinics. Previously I had diarrhoea. I saw the doc and recovered. Shortly after, I began to develop this annoying, disgusting nausea feeling for DAYS. AND I’M NOT PREGNANT LAH. Sigh…after eating the anti-vomiting pills, I got better. Then just the day before, I got very serious flu which I basically blew my nose off. Coupled with dry cough. It was just horrible which basically explains for my unbalanced “mental” state.

Vickki’s skin problems had became pretty serious so it’s causing quite a headache for me too. My kind neighbour had recommended James Tan the vet at Whitly Road. And just arranging dearie to fetch me and Vic there was very tricky too since the man places his work with priority. Of course that accumulated to my annoyance. A pet is like a child. When Vic is sick, I wont be feeling great either.

Next up, the major happening which pushed me to the brink of hysteria.

I suddenly realised…somehow….my kitchen base(an inch high built of tiles, where you built the cabinets on top) had started to leak water. That leaded me to believe that the interior plumbing(below the kitchen flooring) had not been done properly. That’s why water started to seep out from in-between tiles via the cement. It must be the interior plumbing problem as my cabinets were totally dry.

You know what that means? That means, if I were to rectify the problem, I will need to dismantle my kitchen cabinets and tiles!! I almost broke down on the thought especially when we had already moved in. Called the uncle who did the plumbing and he refused to take responsibility because another batch of workers reconnected the pipes after he did the base, a.k.a, another plumber who connected the kitchen tap. He also said he dont understand why all this happened. All this creates massive tons of stress on me. I started to think of the countless possibilities where all this might lead. Do we have to file CASE or find a lawyer or etc? Cost and inconvenience of the renovation ALL AGAIN? How much hacking or dismantling needed to be done? Can it be minimised or it there any other easier way? I was so clueless and had no-one to turn to except calling my previous ID. Sigh…I really dont wish to call him………but I really had no choice.

And all this while, my uncaring hubby was there taking everything easily. It’s like, I feel the WHOLE BURDEN was on me ALONE(since he dont really care whether his kitchen got teared down) and it felt really heavy on my shoulders.

He might be real optimistic or whatever but I’m simply not happy juggling everything lah.

Then suddenly, yesterday, he realised…..actually the tiles didnt leak! It’s merely accumulation of water on the top of the solid surface…which flows down the cabinets at the sides…and hence appeared on the floor tiles as leakage.

I know, now I sound real stupid, worrying for nothing. But alas, everything(solid surface and cabinet) is WHITE, cant see clearly mah!!!

Immediately after that thing is solved, I turned totally “normal” from an emo monster. And everything went smoothly between us. It’s like……….suddenly a mountain was a molehill and the molehill became nothing. But of course I wouldnt say my tantrums on him doesnt do one bit. He has certainly become more attentive and caring to me, FOR THESE FEW DAYS. There might have been tons of things I wished to tell him but never get around to doing it…and I did it during those difficult times.

I’m glad he registered, admitted most of them and was willing to improve. I would say it’s like a catalyst because I suddenly realised I have been accumulating and swallowing all the unhappiness and GRIEVANCES inside me for too long.

A release felt so good. =)


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