Cooking is fun

I have been extremely adventurous lately. With cooking I meant. Lol. So far, it has been pretty rewarding. Just look at my waist. Oh no. It’s gone. Haizz…. So far, I think it’s the easiest with sweet and sour flavour and oyster sauce flavour, all thanks to Lee Kum Kee. They have great sauces which make cooking a breeze. But I haven been able to perfect black pepper and teriyaki styles.=( They’re not of Lee Kum Kee brand and no matter how much seasoning I add, they just dont taste very nice. Hmmm…ought to consult Mummy because Mummy’s black pepper dishes are great! Eh actually ALL of Mummy’s dishes taste great! =)

So far the dishes I’ve tried…

1) Sweet & sour prawn
2) Honey Pork
3) Spring onion/ginger codfish/beef
4) Stir-fry shabu shabu beef
5) Stir-fry beef cubes with ginger
6) Potatoe/mushrooms/carrots with oyster sauce
7) Sze Chuan vege soup
8) Japanese curry
9) Asparagus
10) French beans
11) Xiao bai cai
12) Long beans
13) Green bean soup
14) Scallops with egg white and broccoli.

Basically anything which is not being sold readily in nice packaging in supermarkets, I’m really not that brave to try. Even prawns, I got the ready shelled ones. I really dread those smelly unshelled ones sold by grams. Moreover I’m so lazy to shell prawns…so spare me manz. For fish, it’s the same, that’s why I’ve only tried cod fish. Frying has been a breeze with Toyoki deep fryer so french fries, sotong balls etc not a problem.

I really wish to try..
1) Salted vege duck soup (hmm….where to get the duck…I die also wont step into market…)
2) Sambal kangkong/stingray (Cooking sambal stinks…and again..where to get the stingray)
3) Chili or spring onion/ginger la-la(clams) (again, where to buy them)
4) Steamed promfret

Dearie and me have always been picky with food. We only like lean meat and I dont eat all vege. It gets kinda boring after awhile; I dont know cook what. Just have to keep on experimenting.

=D Cooking is fun.

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