New baby

The IT fair over the last weekend was horrendously crowded! Pardon me for being sua-gu as I suddenly realised actually I have NEVER went to an IT fair before. Therefore I was shocked at the crowd which resembled an army of ants from a distance.

Fortunately we found what we want and were very satisfied with it. Especially me!! Because not I pay mah. Hahaha. Though we did not bought it at the fair because we realised GainCity roadshow at marina Square sold it at $100 cheaper with tons of freebies! The salesman was obviously more knowlegeable too unlike the one at the fair who knows nothing.

Samsung R430E (in white)
$1099 + $50(upgrade of 2GB RAM to 4GB) = $$1149/-

At A Glance

Processor speed 2.3GHz
Processor Pentium Dual-Core
Amt of RAM 2048 MB
Hard drive 320 GB
Optical drive DVD writer
Graphics hardware Nvidia GeForce 310M
Diagonal screen size 14 inch
Operating system Win 7 Home Premium
Weight w/battery 2.2 kg
Wireless LAN 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n
Webcam Yes

Freebies include: 8 piece gift set(mouse, pink silicone mouse pad, light stick, bag, microphone, cleaning kit, cooling fan, cute luminous tiger wrist rest, heart-shaped USB port), 320GB external hard disc, 2nd year warranty extension and Norton Anti-virus.

I had decided to get this for home use instead of overloading my tablet which is mainly for work use. The screen is much wider than our Fujitsu tablets. Needless to say, it’s damn shiok to stream videos. It’s also much faster, has sharper images too. Granted that it’s a newer model too with Windows 7, I definitely prefer it more than the stupid Windows Vista. I was rather sua-gu-ly impressed by how adjustment of font size can be done by merely stretching fingers apart on the mouse pad sensor, just like how people are doing it on the iphone.

So far the only imperfections are; The battery life is pretty short, around 2hours? Although not much problem for home use, ultimately it’s abit inconvenient if I were to bring it to room to use. Also, I felt the colour display was a little pale, as in the colours are not rich enough. I dont know whether saturation or contrast should be adjusted but shall leave it to dearie.

Oh speaking of him, he obviously did much to appease the petty and antogonized me. Hur hur I shant say what he did(to spare his pride), but one of the acts include buying this laptop. Although it’s for home use, I think mostly should be me using it 80% of the time la. Hahaha. Though I was rather shocked that he claimed he did not said anything which (I thought) I heard. And he insisted he didnt mean anything of the sort and that I’ve taken it the wrong way. Hmmmmm…..shall record any argument in future so that he cant deny! =P

Very happy =D

Mid Mar already…so fast…and I will be going on my honeymoon. But I’m still so tired lately…still having diarroea now and then. Stomach pain and feels like vomiting too. Argghhh =(


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