I’m a slave

I should probably be sleeping now but I thought I’ll just pen down a few paragraphs as I’ve been neglecting this blog for quite some time.

Other than “tired” and “dead”(where you piece both together to become dead-tired), I dont know what else to say. Having your own house and living in it with your dearest is such a sweet thing…until it comes to the maintenance part. Those who had seen my house will probably know I’m a slave…..A–S-L-A-V-E, to my “white” house. “White” house is because we have many white colour furnitures. Gorgeous as they come, they’re a chore to maintain. We had moved in around 1 month and the need to clean the sofa and kitchen cabinets had already risen.

Let me see.

My sofa is white.
My tv console is white.
So is my coffee table.
Writing desk.
Dressing table.
Office cabinets.
Wardrobe laminates.
Kitchen cabinets.
Kitchen counter top
Shoe cabinet.
Dining bar stools.

Good lord! Silly me. I should have state which furnitures are NOT in white instead. BAH!

Thanks to my dear hubby loh who is such a fan of white colour. I do admit they are beautiful(and pure. Haha) but everytime we decide a piece(of white furniture), I’ll go…”die le..this time die le…”

Anyway, what’s done is done la, what’s bought were bought la. I still love my home, just have to spend effort to maintain it so that it look as much as 100% when we 1st bought it. Many had asked me to post pictures of them in blog/facebook. But my camera really cant make it, i.e; they cant capture the real *ahem* pureness and elegance(wahahaha!) of my home. So if you’re really interested then just drop by. My lovely pink stripey mahjiong tiles await you. =)

Caught many movies during the new year. Ranked from the best to the worst, they’re…

1) Percy Jackson and the lightning thief
2) Hot Summer days
3) Valentines day
4) 72 tenants of Prosperity
5) Little big soldier
6) All’s well ends well too 2010

Though I wished Zac Efron starred as Percy instead. Haha.

I didnt really gambled much during the new year though I feel my luck is not bad. Played blackjack and mostly mahjiong because I dont have the interest to play blackjack for continuously 1 hour and more. I will get bored despite I did blackjack few times. On the whole, I think I won abit only lah for the new year..perhaps less than $100. Though the angbaos I gave out probably triple that la. Hahaha. Nevermind~ Heng heng huat huat la!

Finally booked our honeymoon. Initially dearie thought can plan to watch his team(spurs) play in London live but it’s almost impossible to arrange the tour… Despite I called many agencies and searched all that, it’s still not possible to arrange especially when extension cant be confirmed till the last day. We cant possibly buy the match tickets prior to that. Unless we go free-and-easy but that wont do because we had never been to Europe. Dearie is pretty disappointed but he understand…Sigh..bo bian.

Our trip will be in early Apr for 12 days to Switz, Paris and London. Actually we hoped it can be around 14 days instead, visiting maybe 4 countries but packages of 14-15days were mostly covering 6 countries and above. We both find it too packed and rushed. The last we want is a honeymoon which is too tiring with 50% transportation so we settled for this easy-paced package with ASA tour. Actually, no matter it’s 12 or 14 days, I bet we will be dreading the flight back to Sg on the last day one. Confirmed one la.

Hopefully we can get to visit Gen in London and she can bring us around. =) I’m glad I’m still able to attend Summer’s wedding in end APR. =)


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