Random Pics

Busy busy busy.

Some random pics for updates. Quick entry

From dear hubby on Valentines Day(Chu 1).
It came as a total surprise as we’re like 老夫老妻 liao. Moreover we were still so busy with buying stuff to fill up the fridge. He meant to buy me a necklace but changed his mind and asked me what I want instead for fear that I dont like what he bought(typical Sg guy. zzzz). But I cant think of anything and certainly dont want any more jewellery so I said this year no need lah. But “roll over” to next year. LOL. Thanks honey. Smuacks.

STA’s celebration Dinner.

Yu Sheng


Buddha jump over the wall. Shiok!


Crispy chicken skin with squid meat. This tasted so good, even better than the above.


Was this duck? Kinda dont remember


Steamed fish


Drunken prawns

Forgot to take pic of the noodles and dessert because was busy eating. Haha. Longan with mango.

We ate them like a banquet but it was a special catering arrangement because they actually set up a movable kitchen at our company area for the 10 tables banquet. Very very yummy! But I think price not the normal catering price lah, and minimum is 10 tables.



Days ago went Jurong Point and had dessert at 记得吃.


Beancurd. Not bad but Rocher better.

I find their dessert pretty expensive. Their tau huay was like more than 2 bucks when it’s selling around $1 or less at many places, e.g, Rocher & CCK Blk 302, nicer too!


Glutinous rice with mango.

This is GOOD. Must try! It’s so soft, doesnt taste like glutinous rice at all. Cold cold one. Refreshing. This is around $4+ I think. Expensive but I didnt see this elsewhere. =)


Gift from Hui for new house!


I dont know what’s it called. Keep warm pot? Or tabao pot? Haha Serves dual purpose anyway. I really need it because mummy always ask us to go home to eat her cooking despite we had moved out. And sometimes if we’re too late, it’s better to tabao back. =)

Oh she got me a “cute” mop from Tangs too. It’s a type where you can turn easily with little effort to tumble dry the mop. Very useful. Thank you!!

Lastly, I got this just now at Boss’s home.

北风北! 自摸十三么!!!

My 1st time! Happy. Heez!

That’s all folks

Suddenly remembered I long time didnt post movie reviews.

Anyway just watched “Percy Jackson, the lightning thief”. It’s nice!! Go watch it! You will love it if you’re fascinated with greek legends like me. =) I prefer this than Harry Potter actually.


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