Arena + house *ok, pics up*

I thought I had recover my voice but this morning, my voice was hoarse again. Probably because yesterday night I shouted too much, amidst the noisy environment in Arena. I like the band though and the music. WX, SL and me shared a bottle of vodka after paying our entry which came with 2 drinks. Aiya. Nevertheless, a very fun night!

Something weird about Arena is considered bright for a clubbing place. And nobody dances! I was like the only siao char bor dancing there. But not very drama kind lah..slow, subtle kind, I think. HAHA. SL took pictures, will get from her to update bah. I really think my blog lacked pictures..just not enthu to snap lately. I didnt even snap pictures of my new house, yet.

I suddenly find it very funny that every time I club, in my very very vague memory, I will end up playing 5-10 with the neighbour table. Okie lah, it isnt such a bad thing to make new friends especially when my facebook is so stagnant. But just not enthu already. Talk about out of the scene. (=.=)””’

SL drank really little and she looked uber cute with her specs. Really love her complexion. =) WX got drunk! We sent him home. He’s pretty heavy! Imagine handling a medium sized tipsy man with my high heels. I insisted sending him to his block(by foot) and was particularly perplexed why he didnt want the taxi to drop him there. I finally let him on his own when he insisted to go up his storey himself. The neighbour table guys were pretty helpful. They helped us to hold WX from Arena right to the cab area. It was around 2-3am. Dont remember.

I was rather tipsy too actually. And SL dropped me off after WX. We still left half a bottle so will be going back within a month to finish it. =P

Alrighty. Some pictures.

SL looked so cute in her specs! I looked damn bah bah loh..cant stand. Argghh.

Dono simi vodka..

WX very enthu in taking pics


Urgh. Dont know why I look slutty here.


My house is mostly completed except

1) toilet accessories not yet installed
2) a piece of kitchen glass backsplash pending due to wrong measurements
3) kitchen gas haven connect
4) sofa to be redeliver due to my rejection.
5) casement unit aircon to be installed in common room(wait for mover)
6) storage bed to be assembled(wait for mover)
7) sticking of wall decals
8) curtains not up yet…early feb. Sigh.

Hopefully can get 4) by coming week. Stupid loh. Some problem with the mechanism and one big yellow patch behind on the white leather. Dont they have a basic QC check before delivering. Waste time and effort.

As for 1), thanks to Hoe Kee, I just realised the vanity cabinet got a crack. It looks hairless but my plumber told me dont risk it because the heavy basin will be sitting on top of it. Haiz. Hope delivery can be done soon. Need to arrange with plumber again.

Basically I’m very satisfied with the overall look of the house. Simple. The only regret was that I should have chosen a more prominent laminate for the wardrobe. It just looked stark plain white from far and the tiny flowery details are only visible when you’re like 10cm away. =( Dearie regretted not doing the toilet tiles because he thought they can be washed out. I feel they’re still okie lah, especially after decals were sticked(yet to do). He’s like complaining at least 3 times a day to me. Veryyyy irritating. Hopefully the decals will make a difference and he can…shut…up… =P

Still got a lot of things haven buy. Will probably drop by Carrefour. Free delivery please.


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