Bangkok trip

Just back from a 4days 3nights bangkok business trip. Well, half work half pleasure actually. It was fun and beneficial. A pity that dear was unable to go due to reservist.

If I didnt remember wrongly, it was my 3rd time there? Or 2nd? Dont quite remember. Before yesterday, I always wonder about Bangkok’s magic with our dear fellow girlies as they’re always so excited with shopping there. Because from my past experiences, I did not enjoy shopping there, mostly because their stuff are not my type.

I was wrong. It’s just because I’ve been shopping at the WRONG places. Where all they got are skimpy, sleazy dresses which make you look slutty. I’ve always think I already look slutty enough(Grrrr Why?? Sigh) so nope, wont buy those clothing. Other than slutty dresses, I usually see t-shirts and fake Adidas/Nike sports attire, which again, are not my type. I do wear them when I’m going downstairs or supper lah but not enough to make me go crazy over them.

Yesterday Ir and her thai friends brought me to Chatuchak and Platinum mall. It was heaven. I regretted not changing more Baht. I thought $400 was enough for 1 and a half day shopping but I was wrong. =( Technically speaking, I only got 1 day shopping because I got so sick after the 2nd day that I went back hotel to sleep at 10pm. =(

I already had high fever on the 1st day of arrival but I managed to endure and grab few hours of shopping with my enthu colleagues. But I collapsed the next day(2nd day) after the 14hours seminar with the fever charging back on full force, despite the panadols. It(fever) bought 2 more friends with her too, sorethroat and cough. It was awful for me. =( I managed to find a pharmacy later on to buy medicine but they wont work. Sigh. But I couldnt possibly go back to rest again, else my whole trip will be gone. So I held on to join in the shopping. It was physically challenging..especially when my shopping buys got heavier by the minute. I had to rest for 10minutes for every hour of shopping.

Thank god we girls actually split up for our shopping and then met at 1 spot at the desired timing. I hate to hold anyone up. It’s more efficient and time saving this way too. =)

Dearie came to fetch me back and immediately, I went to grab a doctor. It was past midnight already so the bill came up to $100. Sigh. I knew it’s going to be expensive but I knew I really need the medication. Because my head felt like cracking up and my throat…I cant speak. It’s quite impossible for me to sleep. The medicine really works wonder, my 1st visit to this 24hours clinic doctor. I felt so much better in an hour after taking the medicine.

Just packed my luggage today and my heart turned over when I saw my buys.

“Why did I got sick when I’m there?” Sigh.

It’s the 1st time I bought so many tops with sleeves, 3/4 sleeves and long sleeves. Because they are so nice. On the contrary, most of the sleeveless tops and spag tops all seemed slutty and cheapo, so I didnt buy much. No shoes at all, because, as usual, they dont have my size. *Sad* They have awesome shoes! Also bought some household deco stuff, Vic’s milk bones and shoes, some tops and bottoms for dearie, hair accessories, nighties, toiletries, scrubs etc. Oh I bought an extra small luggage to contain my stuff too, only S$20.

Anyway, I really regretted packing my luggage shabbily. I really got no time. I thought it doesnt matter since it’s only 4 days. But no, luggage is very important, it will really affect your whole trip experience. For example, I only brought along flu tablets and lozenges when in fact, I should bring along panadols for fever/bodyaches and cough mixture. I should have emptied my stuff into a LIGHTER bag for easier shopping. I remembered to bring camera but forgot to double check the memory stick was inside. Thus I cant take pictures. I brought my hp and charger but forgot to bring universal plug, thus I cant charge. I brought too few bottoms too. Argghh, I’m a total wreck.

Lesson learnt: Do not pack your luggage shabbily.

On the whole, I still enjoy my trip. =)


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