I feel SO happy. =D Met my besties, a bunch of ladies and guys and I had an AWESOME time. We shared so much stuff and I dont have to worry about offending them by saying whatever I like because they KNOW me. And I know THEM. Like how much they understand me, I understand them too. No matter how some stuff we shared might raise eyebrows to some, we dont get angry nor annoyed over them no matter how direct they seemed, because we KNOW one another. =D

I guess that’s the difference between besties and common friends. Which is, you need to exercise restraint when you’re communicating with the latter, friends who dont understand you that well because sometimes the things you said, they might take it the different way or direction, or think in the negative direction. And sometimes, if the friendship aint important enough to them, they will just just tossed you aside without clarifying with you first.

But your besties wont do that. If it’s minor enough, they wont even take it to heart, knowing that you dont meant any harm but only had their interest at heart or only jokking. Or the more significant ones, they will clarify with you what you really meant. Anyway, I seldom encounter the latter. =)

On the way back, I sms dearie that I’m on my way back. It’s the same time when I received his sms too, asking me whether I want him to fetch me home. It’s not the first time that we sms each other or call each other at the same time. And everytime it happens, we will say lovingly with a smile, er xin(恶心), at this 心灵相通. \(^o^)/

Upon reaching the door, Vickki, my dear doggie came to greet me with enthusiasm, licking my feet. =) I hurried to have my bath because I think I stinks. Haha.

After I had my bath, dearie asked me whether I’m hungry and if so, he will get me a plate of Mummy’s yummy home-made spaghetti. I was! And I had my fill! Mummy also prepared my favourite dessert, white fungus with snow pear. =D

With all my dearest lovelies around me, loving me and understanding me, I’m really so happy, contented and blissful. =) So I really dont understand why some people can say I’m pathetic. Oh well. Nevermind. All I know is, other than my dearest hubby, mummy and family, I love my friends and they love me as well. If any of my friends dont treasure me like how I treasure them, its okay. I know I had given my all and I didnt let anyone down. Nobody is perfect, I had apologised for my faults. But if the fate had ended, I can only accept the way it is. No matter what happened, I will always remember the happy memories.

Time to snuggle! =D


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