Happy new year

Hi guys/girls. A very happy new year to all of you! Although I’ve actually wished that already in a password protected post before this. =P Because of some unpleasant happenings, I meant to change the url but I realised I cant(or rather, I just cant find the link!) so well…to my dear friends, you have to bear with all the password protected posts. Of course you can ask me for the password, for which I’ve already given a few who are my dearest, people who understands me well and people whom I think they care to read. =D I actually have nothing to hide, but just afraid I’ll offend more people which I DONT meant to offend. And for people who dont like me, ya…you can skip this url if it causes an eyesore. Hmm…so ya…to my friends, ask me the password if you’re interested. =)

=D I’m feeling extraordinary happy now with my dearest beside me in Intercontinental hotel. As I said, I really need a break. I’ve been so busy with my reno and work plus other stuff that I really need some recuperation. Dearie knew I felt rather stressed up these days, hence he dont mind at all at the extra expenses. Earlier on, we both agreed we’re gonna cut down on these getaways since reno and housing are gonna to be destructive. But..I really need this. =| And I’m very thankful for his understanding. It’s a 2 nights stay and it’s total bliss. The 2nd night is complimentary! How cool is that? =D Everything is perfect. I love Intercontinental’s services. Just wandering why dearie need so much more sleep than me…and why he sleeps so early? =P

I’m really thankful for all those friends who had in one way or other expressed their concern for me. I’m really really thankful..and touched. The sms and calls…conversations were all so warm. I really felt understood and relieved that at least I still have some friends who really understands me. =) Thanks for all the Christmas presents. I’m feeling so guilty that I gave nothing in return this year because I’m so busy with the reno stuff. =( I’ll give extra back next year I promise!

If I can choose, I really wish I can spend all my time with my hubby, mummy and all my closest friends. But I’m not a rich tai tai. I still have to work. And because we’re not millionaires, (and because I’m a kiasu obasan hahaha), I’m extremely busy as I compare prices of just everything in regards to our new house just so to save costs. For all those who got their houses, you will know other than weddings, renos are the other thing which people love to chop you. =P

We, or rather I, asked for 3 quotes for reno. Eventually we settled on a designer for carpentry work and another contractor for wet works(false ceilings/hacking/installation). I had 3 curtain quotes and I settled on one who offered like 33% cheaper(around $500) cheaper than the other 2 quotes on almost the same materials. As for electronics(and aircon), I’m getting them from my best friend’s brother who’s working in Gaincity and another supplier around my office. So they’re definitely much cheaper than retail prices, even promotions. I also spent my leisure time surfing renotalks and reading about more reno stuff.

I’m super excited with my reno…I’m like fantasizing about them every night..wandering how the end product looks like. Hopefully they’ll be nice. So anyone who’s doing their reno, or anyone who’s interested, can always ask me for extra info, if you want that is. =)

Lastly, I wish everyone a very prosperous new year with their loved ones, happy always with perfect health!!!


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