Dearie’s birthday

Alright. This is a super super post-dated post. Actual date is supposed to be 4th Dec, which was dearie’s birthday. But I was too busy to blog about it. As compared to how we used to celebrate birthdays, this year was very simple as we didnt book any hotel stay. But merely a day out.

The wonderful friday started with a lunch. I had reserved Peach Garden at 33(OCBC centre) upon Lina’s recommendation of nice asian dishes. I should have been more inquisitive with the branch she had visited instead of recklessly choosing the branch at OCBC centre 33rd level. Because I thought the view will be wonderful.

Heaven wasnt at our side, it was raining cats and dogs for the afternoon and heavy fog formed on the clear glass windows. It wasnt a view to reckon with too, since the whole sky was filled with stormy, grey clouds. And most importantly, the food seriously disappoints. I should have booked the Novena branch which Lina raved about.


Peach Garden at 33

Dimsum: Xiao Long Bao

Dearie’s sharkfin. Taste like chicken soup to me. Argh!

My sharkfin.

I dont know how to describe the taste but it’s just not nice. I have to admit the portion was pretty big for the price.


Prawns in XO sauce

I had a very SWOLLEN throat that day and was very annoyed that it turned out spicy when it wasnt stated so. And it’s very spicy to me. Meat was too tough too.


Dearie and me lately got so addicted to this dish; stir-fry french beans, that we must order it everytime. Perhaps we got sick of sambal kangkong.

Anyway, it was too salty for me, even paired with rice. And I thought I’m considered a salty eater.


I thought they cant possibly go wrong with the standard dessert; Mango with Pomelo. But they did. Sigh. The taste was not bad but too few mango. I wonder which moron chopped the mangoes because their size is..oh my the size of sago. Who the hell can taste it when it’s so tiny? They melt instantaneously!


Review of Peach Garden
For a premium restaurant, I was appalled at the standard of their food because I think Crystal Jade, Asian Kitchen, Mayim, Mouth Kitchen, just any Asian restaurant I can think of can out-perform them anytime.
The chrysanthemum tea we ordered tasted like plain water and even after I requested TWICE to have more flavour or sweeter, it still tasted the same. I gave up. The bill came up to a hundred plus. You can be sure it will be my last time. To give them credit though, the service was not bad. Not fantastic but not bad.

After our lunch, we went to The Cathay Spa Elements to enjoy our couple jacuzzi and massage. I have to say we’re both very satisfied with their services, considering we signed up their packages over few months ago. This was the 1st time we used the package, merely because we’re too busy and no special occasion.


Look how inviting the jacuzzi look with it’s dazzling and changing lights.

It was a pretty large room and best of all, it all belongs to us, including the shower. Can lock the room too. Wahahaha!


Love the bright cubic tiles in the shower room.


Icy ribena drink

It was truly a very shiok experience because we can control the power and temperature of the jacuzzi, coupled with changing neon lights. =) No more pictures for our massage but it was also great. One might be afraid of chill during a massage in an aircon room especially after a jacuzzi soak but fear not in Spa Elements. The bed actually felt warm! I suspected they put a burner below it. It was so comfy that I fell asleep during the massage, my first time.

After our 1hour massages, Dearie had ear candling which I’ve arranged for him. Hopefully he can listen better in future. Lol. No lah, there are limited stuff a guy can do. Cant possibly ask him do slimming or manicure right? I had RF slimming procedure instead. They merely used an “iron” kinda thing and “ironed” my stomach for half an hour. It’s hot but bearable. Of course it’s not that amazing that that 30min can make me slim how much. Just an experience.

Next up, I’ve arranged a dinner at The Cathay Restaurant since we’re there already.



Fragrant chrysanthemum tea. Win Peach Garden hands down.


Wasabi Prawns

It might look grotesque with it’s slimy green colour but I love this dish! The wasabi was just nice with a slight punch and the prawns were succulent. =) Dearie dont like the wasabi taste though. Opps


Not much of a view but okay la…can people watch.


Seafood soup. Nothing fantastic


Braised scallop with crabmeat. Doesnt taste very fresh.


Deep fried fillet of sea perch in special sauce.
Wonderful. Outer crisp, inner soft.


Tou-fu with seaweed and spinach
Nice! =)

Bill came up to around a hundred. We were too full for dessert and had to rush for our movie, Twilight 2.


Movie title: New Moon
Ratings: 3/5
Comments: Somehow the whole show look chaotic to me, it’s like they’re not well-connected and doesnt make much sense. I kinda expected it wont be nice because I read half the book. It would be great if they change the storyline but too bad they didnt. And it was BAD because the young actors/actresses cant act! Jacob, the werewolf was trying hard to act sexy in the show(he was sexy though) and Edward the vampire was acting cool as usual. And Bella, needless to say, act like a zombie after Edward left and an emo freak, falling into Jacob’s arms as and when she likes.

I’m glad dearie enjoyed everything which I planned for him. =D


2 Responses to Dearie’s birthday

  1. SeR says:

    Hi dear, so long din contact u le. Glad everything’s turning out well for u!

    I’ve resume bloggin too, haha. But will only blog when I can get hold of the computer! (as usual~~)

    My bloggy url is

    Stay gorgeous always n meet up when we r both free n available!!


  2. Kaori says:

    Hey girl. I missed you! Yes yes I will arrange for a meetup soon because your contact lens are still with me. Super busy these days because of the house and work. =(

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