Bought some stuff

Just a super short entry because I’m super busy!

Sadly, we’re not getting the items in the previous previous entry le because just before I order, I heard very very very negative reviews about the seller.

Anyway, went Parkmall today and made a few purchases. =)

From Ecolink
1) Modern Tv console and coffee table set in white $1700
2) French-styled Bedside table in white $410
3) Mirror cabinet, sink, tap with bottom cabinet set $$769 with delivery

Personally feel they are all good buys considering their design and quality. I love 1) because they came with alot of storage. Lol. Actually 3) also got alot of storage. Haha.

I’m confident of Ecolink’s services because of Qi’s feedback but was wary of because heard 1 negative review about them. They also demanded 100% payment when we said delivery can only be done in end Jan. Ecolink only requires 40%. Of course we said no to despite they saying it’s their policy. I also got MY policy lor, strictly no FULL payment before delivery or I’ll rather give up the purchase.

Eventually settled on 50% deposit. Hng!

But I still feel I didnt bargain enough. Argghh. Must be more determined in future.

Met up with L too for her favorite foie gras in Tea cosy, who was back from Japan. Sat got to meet up again to discuss her wedding gatecrash. Tomorrow got to meet Master Lim for “opening door ceremony” of new house because we got the keys the day before. Still waiting for quotations!

Super busy!

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