Spoiler Alert – 宫心计 episode 29

Following the umpteen guesses on how 刘三好 can be saved from the foreign marriage yesterday while watching episode 28 , today the result’s out in episode 29, a.k.a, method 3 and 5. Although I still feel method 4 and 10 is the best. Hahaha. Method 4 has more drama effect and will look interesting while method 10 will reduce the authoritativeness of the 吐蕃王子, lest he talk so loud and demand a wife as he wish. 😛

Chey! 刘三好 so fast came back, on her own somemore. Okie this caught me by surprise! Finally some surprise in the show. =.= The good thing which came out of it was; the couple finally can do “IT’ le! 高显扬 must be very happy. Hahaha.

Hmm…刘三好 might become the concubine in the next episode or next next episode I think. Let’s wait and see.

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