Haiz hao fan ah

Arghh! Had been real down on my luck lately. Tons of unlucky stuff happened one after another. Like,

1) charger for my portable vacuum cleaner spoilt
Should I count myself lucky because it’s still under warranty? I’m still upset anyway, maybe it was “overcharged” and kinda fused but I haven heard of charger being spoilt due to that leh. Duhz.

2) Vickki’s newly bought dog food packet had tons of insects and I had to call for an exchange since it was being delivered. The stupid CSO said need to check with supplier before they call me back because pet’s food was delivered directly from supplier’s side.

3) My alarm clock cant work too! But I’ve just realised it’s because of low batt. Have changed the batteries and now it’s fine

4) Vickki is having serious rashes problem again despite I just bathed her 1 day ago. Sigh.

All these seem like small stuff but when they come together, arggghhh, damn pek chey one lor.

Yesterday just finished fengshui audit for our new house by Ir’s fengshui master. He was actually Ir’s hubby’s shi fu, so to speak. Drives a lexus and is a monk. He certainly looks very busy and the fengshui audit seems chop chop done. Sigh, I also dont know what to say. He doesnt charge a fee, you need to give an angbao instead. Despite so, our angbao is not small. Really hope he wont be like the previous Master Chang from fengshuiyinyang.com who ignored emails/calls/sms after he got the money. Hng!

Thank god Master Lim didnt suggest anything which pose major changes to our planning IMO as bed and wardrobe can stay at their planned position. To dearie, it’s headache. Because he meant the house to be in dark dark cool cool colours. But now Master Lim said deco is best to be in beige. To me I’m fine lah but he’s fussy. =P

I’m really rushing for everything since I want the house to be ready by CNY. Had sent my requirements and floorplan to 2 designers/contractors. Still waiting for their quotes. Meanwhile, I have to get hold of Master Lim when he’s back from JB…still got some stuff to ask him. Speaking of the house, sometimes I get so frustrated and throw tantrum at dearie. Why? Because he’s like dilly dally la! Ask him decide reno stuff and want him to discuss together, he was either busy doing other things or else postpone and postone.

He thinks a house can suddenly pop out nicely renovated with a throw of money. It doesnt work like this lor. You still have to decide what you want and get the contractor to quote. And the thing is, he WANTS to decide and yet want to take his own sweet time to decide. Many times I felt like slapping him but I curbed myself. Argghh!

Work too is busy. I’m always especially busy during Nov and Dec because we need to deliver calenders and diaries. Personally, I also have many upcoming events.

The 2 events just passed was the gathering with Gen and gang, as well as Al & Cat’s ROM.

The former was on Sat evening and the latter was on Sun morning.

Gen is back from London and hence met up with all of us. We had a very fun but costly night. It’s all……CHINA ONE’S fault. Dammit. They USED to serve the nicest cheese fries but suddenly they took out from the menu. They USED to sell a wine range of reasonably priced wines, now they marked up so high and only 1 choice for red/white/sparkling wine respectively. I’m so damn pissed since I was the one who suggested as they have no ideas. Angry lor(with myself)!

We further adjourned to a pub at Boay quay for some beer and ktv. Sang some songs but the others were unable to drink more. My fault again, I kept expect they can drink as much as me when they’re decent folks(not drinkers like me). But actually also not totally my fault la because when I asked whether they want to drink, they’re very nice and kept say, “can can, just order what you like”.


Eh really, if cannot just say mah. Because of my assumption of their reply, some drinks were wasted since obviously I cant finish all. Haiz, they’re just very nice people. Nevermind, in future I know their limits.

And because I had alot to drink that night, it was hell of a chore to wake up at 9+am the next morning. ROM function at the museum house. OMG…why didnt they set a more…normal timing at 11pm or 12pm? Luncheon mah right? But timing was set at 10.30am. With the massive jam, we reached at 10.50am but was glad we were in time for the solemnization.

Warmest congratulations to the lovely couple Al and Cat. They looked superbly handsome and gorgeous together! But I was simply too worn out(minor hangover) to even take pics of the couple nor the lovely restaurant whose name is 4 numbers. Dont remember what though…2047? or 2087? Think 4D. Haha. Thai restaurant but food was merely passable..think the food turned cold already. But the drinks were the worst. The sprite tasted like ice water just because the ice had dissolved ages ago. And even a request of a new glass tasted the same. Very nice and plush deco though.

Looking forward to their banquet! I love weddings!

Movie title: The informant
Ratings: 1/5
Comments: Matt damon, you really disappoint me. Fell asleep half way and dearie bought me home to sleep at 1am. It was really a yucky show! Comedy? Comedy my ****

One Response to Haiz hao fan ah

  1. tinkerjoy says:

    Hi, can i have your contact of the fengshui master? thanks

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