Review of Chen Kang Wellness & therapy centre

I was at North point top storey and passed by this cheena-looking reflexology centre which was having a promotion; S$38 for 45minutes of body massage. Like QuickMassage, the massage consists of pressure points more aimed at loosing muscle knots.

After booking an appointment for 1 hour later, I realised they have another branch on the same storey. Difference being the other branch is solely for foot reflexology and they have all the massage chairs in the open instead of private rooms for body massages. It was a very spacious and comfortable environment, with woody deco and was all very visible to interested passer-bys.

I was actually pretty tempted to try as I’m a sucker for foot massages especially when one wont take long. However, I was put off by the way some of the male therapists were looking at me while I was strolling slowly past in my mini skirt, contemplating whether to try. Ahhhhhhh, perhaps I was sensitive, but no thanks. I feel violated already by their eyes although most are pretty young and good-looking. A quick glance around and I didnt see any female therapists so I dropped the idea and shopped around instead.

Do not compare those ham sup male therapists with my “Eric Winter” at QuickMassage located at Tanjiong Pagar okie. He’s a professional and certainly dont have wandering eyes. 😛

Okie. Here comes my review of their body massage at the other branch which comes with private rooms and only serve females. My therapist is obviously a female but again, from China. That wouldnt be so irritating if she wasnt trying to hard sell me from the very 1st minute till the 45th minute. Nonnnnn-stop I tell you. And now I’m wandering why am I so nice to either reply her or “Hmmm” her everytime she opened her mouth. I should have asked her to shut up. Perhaps in a way, I’m afraid she purposely pressed me hard or..I dont know..pressed wrong pressure points until my 神筋 错乱? No lah, I’m actually just being nice. 😀

1st try to get you to add value(of course all said in Chinese)
“Wan to use ginger aromatherapy oil instead? It’s much better than the normal ones we used because bla bla bla and more suitable for sensitive skin..”

I’ve always preached, there’s no free lunch in the world. So I asked, “need to add money right, how much?”

“Oh..ten dollars”

I said, “Dont want.”

2nd try:
“want to extend the massage to 1 hour? Because 45minutes doesnt cover very comprehensively. It excludes the stomach and foot, and only very little massaging on the arms and legs. The stomach massage can get rid of the wind…Bla bla bla bla bla”

She basically tried to hard sell the extension during the entire remaining session. I was AMAZED with the way she can repeat her intention in different words without being paiseh, VIA different talking points. Like, when she massaged my feet, she said, “aiyo your feet soOoo small? What size ah?” When I replied it’s a 3 then she said, “aiyooooo your feet soOoo CUTE leh, why not you extend 15minutes more so that I can massage them for you? Our feet are actually very important to us…bla bla bla bla bla”

*roll eyes*

Anyway, it’s S$50 for 1hour lah.

I feel the massage is SO-SO. Just that she used a tad too much oil on my body and I dont like it. The oil used is pretty sweet-smelling. However, I feel her strokes arent very systematic. Hmm…like abit 乱七八糟 lo. She doesnt seemed well-trained too. The whole 45minutes focused mainly on back. For a 45minutes back massage, it’s a disappointment to walk away with only a slightly relaxed back instead of a comfortable and light neck and back. And of course it’s too much to expect a good night sleep.

QuickMassage is better because after their back massage, I will have a shiok night sleep. Bad point being they dont come with private rooms nor beds, so you have to sit while they massage your back.


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