Palettes craze

It’s not yet December but I’m already in the mood for Christmas shopping. *blushed* I really love Yewtee point. It’s a treasure cove. Time to time, they have different push carts stalls as well as promotions on the central square area. It’s not the 1st time I had great buys there. Today, I’m going to share what I bought because I really like them! Heehee. The guys can probably skip this entry because it’s all about girls’ stuff. Haha.

I’m a fan of NARS products. I feel they fare way better than MAC. =)

Authentic, in original packaging, but wait till I show you the price.

Velvety, coolz, black casing. Love!

Nice colours

Night Series mini Palette eyeshadow. S$35

6 colours eye palette in ANGELIKA 402. S$23

NARS glitter liquid eye liner in 007, liquidlast. S$12

MAC hello kitty lipstick. Haha. Cute! Around S$20

Also bought this milky body salt scrub at S$3.50.


I also bought 1 Victorian style table lamp in pure white lace which simply looks adorable. Costs S$50, not exactly cheap nor expensive. Going to use it for our new home! But since it’s wrapped up, I will take pic of it when we opened it in our new house then. Sigh. Hope the house comes soon.

Oh just wanna show my cute pouch which I bought from JB last time. It fits my phone, key pouch, some cash and cards perfectly. =)

Can carry as pouch

Can carry as wristlet. Hee

Of course it’s not the real Anna Sui. Lol. But I thought the bronze crest looks nice. =P

Nice zipped interior

How small it really it. =)

I bought this palette from a spree too, will only arrive in Dec.

32 colour mini combo palette S$28.25

Few days ago, BHG at bugis got sale. I also bought some toiletries and Laneige mascara, lipgloss and foam cleanser at 20% off.

Duhz. No more buying of makeup from now on!

Alrigh. This will be the last one! Okie!
Urban Decay. Hey it’s at 30% off…a waste if I didnt buy…

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