House delayed again

PMS really makes my mood swings rather largely and it really isnt an excuse for ladies like us for our tantrums and day-and-night temperament. Sometimes we ourselves cant even help it. I felt like dying these few days, literally depressed with “end of the world” mood but today, I’m back being sunny queen again. Even when I just lost a $44 in mahjiong just now. That shucks though. But I’ll have better luck next time! I believe it will come back soon to me, just like the way I won $100 the day before. Yes!

Went to view T’s apartment at Jurong with dearie and it was lovely. We saw the empty house before and thought it was rather small, just like any other condos. But surprise, after the renovation, the house looked much bigger. I had to marvel at the designer’s magic though T said most of the ideas came from her creative wife.

Initially I was deciding between employing a contractor alone or along with a designer since the latter definitely costs more. But after the viewing, it certainly gave me an answer. Might possibly steal some of the ideas because they’re so wonderful! Storage, conventionality and style all in one. And her daughter’s room, woah, all pink, just as sweet as the little princess. T showed us his KTV system proudly and dearie and me were so amazed. Sorry, kinda sua-gu. He uses BMB, the famous brand for KTV sound system with cordless mikes, that’s why the feeling of singing in his lush living area was oh-so-shiok, and not at all weird! All are original MTV’s, total of 12,000 songs.

Oh, T gave me a whole stack of Guardian discount vouchers(for their card or something). I have a premonition that I’m going to spend again…

We might start giving our floor plans to contractors/designers soon. Bad news though, our house will be delayed…again…around 1 month due to the buyer’s stupid cum f*cked up property agent. We had to collect rent from them, no choice, but it was a friendly figure. Really. A good or bad property agent really make or break you. Be sure to find a good one. Mine was pretty good, patient, accommodating, just PM me for contact if you need.

I really wish our house come soon. Perhaps I’m used to having my own private space, sometimes I’ll get irritated when I dont have it. Like,

1) I love having my queen bed to me alone, and not sharing it

2) I can bathe at whatever time I like and then blow dry my hair to sleep. Now I cant because the hair dryer will wake dearie up. (Sigh, that’s why I cant sleep now because long hair still damp)

3) I cant read whenever I like it, like when dearie is asleep, because I cant on the lights

4) I have to use ear piece which can get stressful on the ears for long periods when dearie is watching TV, and I dont like hindrance. Sometimes he uses ear phone too, for the same reason

5) Last and not least, SHARING MY WARDROBE LAH. Which obviously aint enough already! 😛

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