Dragonfly’s anniversary

Few days ago was that insect-clubbing place’s anniversary. Dragonfly, I meant. 😛 Iv was kind enough to extend the invitation to me. I seldom join the gang for clubbing unless there are occasions. On anniversaries, there will be be performances and free flow so I went.

Seriously, until now I’m still not sure which is which club as they’re so many clubs in St James. I roughly know which is Movida and Dragonfly(and now, Powerhouse) but sometimes I dont even know where I am because they kept move around, especially when I’m SUCH a direction idiot. =.= We were queuing for drinks when I asked Ce where were we so that I can messaged WY. I think the person behind me must have fainted. 😛

Anyway, the freeflow was, serious manz, as in, pretty thick with alcohol, the real thing. I think I’ve never tasted freeflows as thick as the ones for this occasion. The martell green tea and burbon coke. Damn. Even the smell can make me faint. Double-o is a close second in terms of quality for their freeflows. Speaking of which, I haven go there in ages. Reminiscence anyone? Ha.

There were varieties too, as in the different housepours and wines. But as we’re closer to the counter which serves housepour(wines at different counter), we did not have wine for the night. Which was lucky…else I think more people will K.O and some might K.O even earlier. Haha. For the music wise, I was struck dumb when the 1st song cruised into my ears was 被爱的女人 by Coco. Love her, AND her songs. Despite it’s weird listening to sentimental songs in a club, I did enjoy a few classics such as 值得 by Sammi etc. As the night progress, the songs became more retro, like 失恋无罪 etc.

Most of us were merely playing fist games and drinking, or else having girl’s talk since..I dont know…kinda weird dancing to chinese songs. And the highlight of the night would be in the midst of our chat(between me and WY), we suddenly saw a FAT spider-man-like creature hanging in the air on some spider cobweb thingy. Before I can make out WTF is that UFO, that “spider-man” creature suddenly spread his “wings” and starts to FLUTTER them! *pengz* So is he a spider or a butterfly? Or dragonfly? And BEFORE I can come to a conclusion, glittery snowflakes starts to fall like Christmas, machiam 演唱会 like that. Hahaha.

WY and I were laughing so hard that I dont even remember what was the song which was playing. Anyway, when that fat “spider-man” finally “alighted”, he began to strip to his..only…glittery underwear of red and blue. Okie that reminded me of “SUPER MAN” again. This year’s themes is about super heroes eh? Albeit fat ones. He started to sing super super retro songs which I’ll be embarrassed to even admit that I recognized them.

After which, we adjourned to Plush at Boat Quay for more drinks. WY went home as she’s tired and cant drink much as she drove. I was like, “of all days, you choose to drive on a free-flow night?” =.= Ce and Se surrendered and went off too, heard Ce puked few times in the toilet already. I cant believe that because she’s our QUEEN! I’ve never seen her puke before. Okie perhaps because I’m lousy and always passed out before her. HAHA.

I wont say I have ALOT to drink there but the few different types sure makes me high. And I didnt even realised at all….until WY asked out loud when we’re outside the club, infront of soOooo many people, “why are you behaving like a small girl?” OMG, I’m so embarrassed. We hardly club together and she has never seen this side of me…so she was surprised, and I’m of course, embarrassed. I know myself, I will become…kinda…hmm…you know….like a little girl lah..whiny and stuff when I’m high. Wahahaha. Definitely more likable than the usual cool and poised lady. LOL. But I think it’s certified…guys TRULY like whiny girls more. DUhz!

We had beer at Plush. Few more rounds of games and I remembered playing a game of pool. I think I won. Hmm ya. Hahaha Anyway…sigh…I thought I can return home in great condition but….haiz…I puked. 4 times. Thank god dearie not angry with me. =P Oh I tried taking pictures with my phone but they’re either too dark or over-exposed. *shrugged*

And you know the funniest thing was, Ter called me while we were in Plush. When he said he’s still in St James, I was shocked because all of us thought he went home! Obviously he passed out SOMEWHERE at the club and only just awaken! Guess what, he still took a cab down and joined us at Plush. Haha.

Eventually we took cab back together since he stayed Jurong. So long again, till the next club, which wont be coming soon. 🙂


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