*Edited* Best Anti dark-eye-circles mask!

This is the best I’ve used so far and sharing with you guys.

DSC03888 [Sony PSP]

I can only roughly guess the brand is 我的足迹日子 or termed as Medlar Anti dark circle eye mask. The brand is 水感肌-Aqua Sense. I have thrown away the original packaging which is a pretty pink Jap-looking box(picture of packaging here.) Bought from Watson. I dont remember how much It’s S$14.90 for a box of 1012. The essence is generous so I usually let dearie use the 2nd round by dipping into the essence again. And it’s still pretty plentiful. It’s troublesome if I were to store in fridge and might be too rich to use twice at 1 go as it might develop milia seeds. The mask not only covers the area below the eyes, but also the stretch above the eyes(where you apply eye shadow). Great.

=) Happy masking!


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