Sunday JB trip

Had a fun but tiring JB trip yesterday with Kat and G. Jy would have come if she did not have a wedding to catch. Too bad. We could have ordered more seafood dishes. Lol.

The trip started with a near 1hour jam and kudos to the driver, Kat. When we’re finally in, we caught a simple late lunch at a simple HK cafe. The food was so-so. We ordered Nissin noodles and some dessert. G and Kat were really into taking pictures, not me when I’m looking so cui with almost no makeup. Really envy the 2 beauties who always look picture perfect. =)

Shopping took up 70% of the trip. Oh manz, they can get reallyyyy engrossed with shopping so much so it’s possible for them to stay 1 hour in one shop! Ahhhh….as I’m a pretty chop-chop-shopping kinda person, I got so bored loittering too far ahead because nothing interests me for that long. The longest I’ve stayed is the shop which sells discs. Hahaha.

G and I also did a full body thai massage. The prices were not exactly cheap(for JB) but with AMEX 25% discount, it was merely S$30+. SHiok! I bought many stuff too. 5 movies, a shawl, 3 tops and a mini pouch, just mini enough for phone and tissue when dearie and me go for supper. Haha.

We did the usual, like Kat pumping petrol and washing car. Had seafood dinner at some Lucky restaurant(the one I tried last time with SL and gang); kai-lan, salted fish crayfish and cereal prawns. I feel only the crayfish was nice while all of us agreed the prawns were not up to standard. Probably because they were too stingy with the cereals.

I reached home slightly later after midnight. Thanks to Kat who sent me home.

Looking forward to an even better seafood meal next time. =)


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