Happy 1 year anniversary

Time flies. It’s the 2nd Nov again.

It’s our 1 year anniversary!!! =)

Before I met dearie, I finally went Chapter 2 at Bugis to use the vouchers Hui gave me; free treatment and haircut. It’s time to trim off the hay-like ends and chee cheong fan fringe. Actually I intended to shop abit at Bugis Village but had no time. Jolin cut my hair and gave it a little layering too since it’s kinda flat. =P Overall, still pretty satisfied.

Dearie had almost forgotten our anniversary date. Oh am I surprised? God no. It’s expected. As I’m a VERY optimistic person and pretty good at 自我安慰 so I surfed around for some nice fine dining place. The French Kitchen it is. I meant to doll up myself abit for the occasion but lost interest looking at my telly tubby tummy. Hence, nothing much except….



I love this pair of glam heels. High enough(lol) and the steel heels. Cool! And it’s below $40 from Design & Comfort. Got it at a sale.

Dearie came to fetch me at Bugis and surprise!



It has been SO LONG since he last gave me a bouquet. =P However dear, next time can dont give carnations? 😛

We ordered the Degustation menu which was a steal at $88++ and it includes an awful lots of things. We further ordered another entrée and a starter. Pretty much prefer to try different courses instead of ordering 2 similar sets.


The French Kitchen, by Jean-Charles Dubois

By the way, he’s a pretty famous chef who used to be the main chef at Raffles Grill.


Raisin bread, soft and crusty, to pair with….


Butter and salmon

They’re wonderful. I’m pretty surprised they gave this complimentary but rather charge $6 for the still water we had. =.=zzz


Soft poached hen’s egg en cocotte with artichoke bouillon and artisanal brioche

Despite it’s classy and long-until-cant-be-longer name, it’s basically a half-boiled egg lah! Albeit with prettier garnishings. Chef Charles is very nice to give 1 more complimentary.

Considering it’s only our 1st visit, it’s truly very surprising and especially warming when our French Chef himself strolled forward and greet us with warmth. Instead of the standard, frosty, “Good evening. I’m the chef. Please enjoy your food.”, he shaked our hands warmly before jokingly advised me to eat the food before it turned cold, because I was crazily taking pictures. Haha.


1 of the entrées, my favourite foie gras;
pan-seared duck liver with ragout of cep mushrooms and salsify

Awesome. Foie gras can never go wrong, except at M hotel. The portion is considered big. The reviews really were true.


Our ala-carte entrée; Char grilled fillet of quail with home-made tarragon gnocchi. fricassé of chanterelle mushrooms, summer truffle vinaigrette

It was truly a very “home-made” taste and the quail was soft and tender. Accompanied with the other side ingredients, it was rather filling.


Traditional lobster bisque with tiger prawn beignet and leek custard.

So cute! The green mini “panna-cotta” look-alike was actually leek custard! But nothing special. Haha. This is our least satisfied dish because of it’s super creamy and milk taste. I dislike the smell of milk and it’s overpowering till I cant taste any lobster flavour. =( The tiger prawns are tempura-style, kinda feel it mismatched with the soup’s taste.


The special starter for the day, not in menu; Pan-seared scallops with asparagus.

I think I saw such giant scallops somewhere but I’ve never seen such giant asparagus! The scallops were seared beautifully with a sauce which tasted pretty oriental to me. So yummy..I wish they gave more than 3. Lol.



Complimentary from the nice Charles again before the main course; Orange sorbet

We almost forget there’s a main course because we were already quite full.

Main course: classic duck leg confit with truffled ratte potatoe puree, sweet cherry and natural duck jus

This duck leg is wonderful, crispy duck skin with soft, tender meat, fully flavoured. Too bad by then I’m already very full and I only ate a little.


Dessert; choux pastry filled with tahitian vanilla icecream, warm chocolate sauce.


There came another surprise!



Isnt this SO SWEEEEET?

Yummy! Despite how full I was already, I managed to gorge some vanilla icecream down and ate a small bite of the chocolate brownie pastry(in the “Happy Anniversary”, beneath the strawberries mountain), because it’s the chef’s effort!

But I’m really too full…hence…haha….pushed all to dearie again. Initially I was curious how they knew about it. Then knew dearie indicated that when he online reserved the seatings. But it’s really so sweet and kind of them. 🙂

Total bill at $215, with no regrets for the food experience, wonderful and warm service. Will definitely go back again. =)



Happy 1 year anniversary Darling. I love you and will always will. 🙂


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  1. efatrie says:

    so sweet! : D

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