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The Indulge Restaurant

Dont worry! It’s not the same Indulge as the one Xiaxue recommended because that one sucks big time! This Indulge Restaurant is located at B1 at The Cathay.
It’s our 3rd time there but unfortunately the standard has dropped due to a different chef on duty today instead of the main chef(cum boss) Kelvin. However, I will just upload the pictures taken on 1st visit for visual purposes and blogged the best experience out of the 3(which was the 1st visit though the 2nd was as well).

For all 3 visits, we ordered the Lobster Spaghetti Promotional set which includes the following items:

Appetizer: Crispy Prawn Tossed Garlic Mayo & Sunflower Seeds

Giant QQ prawns with a crispy skin, wonderful sauce, topped with crunchy, fragrant sunflower seeds. Yummy!


Soup: Chicken Herbal Soup

This soup is unlike any canned soups. We can literally taste all the herbal goodness and believed the soup will need at least few hours to boil. (However, it was a disappointment at our 3rd visit today because it was so bland that we asked for an exchange.)


Main Course: Lobster Spaghetti

It’s available in Aglio Olio, tomato base, cream base and sambal base(I think). We opted for Aglio Olio. At first, we really didnt really expect a full, big-ass lobster but it really came! Giant lobster was BBQ, QQ and yummy. (However for the 3rd visit today, it was again a disappointment. Lobster was small and overcooked so it’s tough. Spaghetti was in one dark colour and tasted like some Hokkien Mee!)


Dessert: Chocolate Icecream with Panna Cotta

The icecream tasted like it was from King’s. Great, always love it. Panna Cotta was so-so though.


Guess how much the full set will costs?


Only $28nett!!

Super worth it right? Though I think it’s better to make reservations when you’re sure Kelvin is the main chef preparing your food. Else it’s really unpredictable. =)


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