Beauty Reviews

Lose a 5 bucks in Mahjiong again. Sometimes feel I really dont have much luck in gambling. Seldom get to win. Humph.

Shall blog a short post about beauty reviews while waiting for my Pipi player to load.


Product: Bio-essence Tanaka White Ultimate Whitening & All spots Fading cream.


Reviews: It really does wonders! Initially I was having doubts because I never have tried 1 which works! But somehow, I gave it a try since it costs only 30ish. Amazingly, after 3 applications, my pimple marks has significantly lightened a lot! Although they haven disappear yet, I will continue to use it. I was hesitant to try Bio-essence products because I was sensitive to their face firming cream before, the older version(before the Pollen was added). I developed rashes, however, it is a superb firming cream, hence I use it for my neck. For the mentioned fading cream, I was lucky it didnt cause any sensitive reactions. =)


Product: Beauty Credit, Lovely Green tea BB cream

Reviews: I dont know if it’s my wrong impression but I thought my skin improved when I subsequently uses it under my makeup. Before that I was using 2-way cake which was rumored to clog pores. After few weeks of use, not only did it excel as a makeup base, it does makes my pores slightlyyy smaller.


Product: KOSE Supreme Refining Lotion I (toner)


Reviews: I have to say I’m a sucker for whitening products because I was born so tan. I think I can never forget those products which whitens me significantly though one can get pretty immune to it after long period of using it. Hence I always change after some time. Exactly in chronological order, my saviors are

1) Olay(previously known as Oil of Ulan)
2) KOSE Sekkisei Lotion(toner) (classic dark blue bottle)
3) THE FACE SHOP Su Hyang Snow series
4) KOSE Sekkisei Supreme

Yeah so I’m back to KOSE again, using SUPREME which was said to contain 3X whitening effects than the classic blue bottle. There are series I and series II and II are more for matured(dry) skin. Other than it’s heavy alcohol smell and high alcohol content, it indeed whitens effectively. Though be careful of continuous usage because my skin became pretty dehydrated after I used 1) for a long time although it does whitens.

The old me(around 10years old? Dont remember)


The now me(some time back lah, random pic in com)

Wearing the mentioned Green Tea BB cream with loose powder.

I dont feel I’m very fair now lah, especially after I went swimming a few times and Wild Wild Wet too, as I tans easily. =( But it’s already a far cry from how I’m used to be. So who says you cant whiten naturally with strictly no whitening jabs or whatever. Oh ya. Nivea Visage. It’s great in whitening too.


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