No action talk only(NATO)

Where got husband like that one? Wife sneezing non-stop plus coughing. And he only know how to say,

“Go take medicine lah aiyo!”

“Go take a handkerchief to cover your nose, then you wont sneeze so often.”

And enthusiastically repeated the above for at least twice.

While still holding on to his PSP and so engrossed in playing it.

Finally I buay tahan and kao pei him, “Instead of talk talk talk only, cant you go fetch it for me?” then he thought for a good 3 seconds and said, “I dont know where you keep the handkerchief.”

Oh Yeah. Great Excuse.

Eventually he went to find it and presented me with one.

No action talk only. Asshole.

P/S I dont like to take medicine because I feel they always make me weaker and weaker. I only take medicine when I really “CMI” liao. Anyway, I’m really too busy sneezing.

How and why did I ever marry such an un-feeling husband?

He did, however, specially went to the central and bought me my favorite Long John Silver Crunchy Shrimps with cheese just because I want to eat. Sigh. So what…my love enemy is the PSP?



5 Responses to No action talk only(NATO)

  1. efatrie says:

    hey, hope u r feeling better already? : )

  2. Chilli Padi says:

    I got sick, very sick, yesterday. Today feeling better..but tomorrow got another whole day course. Sigh.
    Hey update whether next sat can go JB ok? Excited. Heez.

  3. efatrie says:

    oh ya!! shd b able to go.. i buay tahan n decided to take my deepavali leave on 6 nov.. poor ks took leave also but i had to attend a meeting in the morning -_-

  4. Chilli Padi says:

    Oh okie. Then I inform Gr and fab.
    At least after morning meeting then free liao. =) Must remember to eat no matter what, else gastric.

  5. Jansen says:

    Hahahah. love enemy is PSP. I love that line. hahahah~

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