Jesus VS Buddha

Movie title: Sorority Row
Ratings: 3/5
Comments: It’s very similar to “I know what you did last summer”. And it’s expected that the killer turned out to be someone totally not linked. A very weak plot. But I guessed it’s thrilling enough for you to sit through it.

Movie title: Spread
Ratings: 2.5/5
Comments: It’s a R21 show. Supposed to be a comedy but there’s totally nothing funny about it. Ashton starred as a playboy who seemed capable of hitching any girls on planet. But it’s really not very convincing. Firstly, the movie doesnt portray him to be superbly handsome. Not that he’s not cute but you know, the way they film it, is mediocre. And he looked like any other normal good-looking guy. Other than his good looks, he’s 1 super boring guy with no depth, and doesnt impress me with how he talks too. Will Smith in “Hitch” is so much better, more interesting.

Singapore R21 shows are so boring. They basically cut off half the scenes because they looked so un-linked. I can guess probably the most steamy scenes were being cut. Blearh.

I’ve heard 500 days of Summer is great. However, I’m not very keen to watch it upon knowing it’s one classic romantic, MEANINGFUL, love story.

I’m just not a fan of those type of movies. Dearie had raved about how meaningful, how touching “P.S I love you” is, with the male lead already DEAD at the very beginning. Hmm No…that doesnt interest me very much. Anything tearful, anything meaningful…touching, uh thanks. Dont like tears streaming down my face in public.

I certainly hold strong values which I treasure very much and I dont think I need movies to remind me of them. And to the people who raved about those particular MEANINGFUL stories are MEANINGFUL, forcing people to watch them, I’m like…
“what’s the big deal of catching a MEANINGFUL movie?

Do you really preach what’s in the show?
Have you stop taking your girlfriend for granted?
Opps no, you’re still doing it.

Have you started to care for your parents after they had spent half their life time taking care and educating you?
Opps no, you still dont remember their birthdays nor do you really care to even buy a cake.

Do you really have actions which evidenced that you really heart those values? Or does it totally change your life because they are some things you change after you’ve watched the movie?”


Most people are still exactly the same way they are, even after watching these so-called meaningful movies. So you know…if you get what I mean. And in general, I think I practiced the above-mentioned values better than those who raved so much about the MEANINGFUL-NESS of the MEANINGFUL movie. So what’s the moral of the story? Alas, dont NATO la. NATO=No action talk only.

And there are this group of Christians who always force people to convert. Even though I’ve expressed I’m a Buddhist. Then, they will start saying “Jesus is the BIGGEST, all other gods are non-existent/negligible.” WHAT THE…….. It’s most annoying.

I feel gods come in different forms and they’re all concerned for our well being. So long so they bring out the good in us and gives us a strong faith, it doesnt matter what is your religion. Hell, if Hello Kitty preaches kindness, patience, compassion, filial piety then go ahead and worship Hello Kitty for that matter. It’s just a FORM, a representation. Just like how your Jesus bless you, my Buddha bless me. Okie?

I mean, it’s good to share nice things. I feel most Christians are really kind at heart and are very compassionate people. But they’re like overly compassionate and wished you to have the best blessing(in their own belief), i.e, be a Christian and be blessed by Jesus. Sometimes I really appreciate that they have my heart but well…… each his own lah.

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