Beautiful words

On 17 Oct 2009, a friend of mine wrote this on his facebook status :

Ned Ng :

只想说声谢谢!谢谢你,老婆!也谢谢你,妈妈!谢谢全天下的女人! ps: 老婆我爱你!宝贝嘉韵,daddy 先祝你生日快乐!


The very same day last year, Wifey was in induced labour. Till this day, I can still remember vividly how apprehensive she was. I could only share her feelings. After a few hours, she started experiencing pain which I can never understand. I could only stay by her side and let her know that I will always be there for her. At 12.14am, cute baby Cynthia was born! The torturous labour pain is something which we guys can never experience nor understand. From the 10months pregnancy, labour, confinement to bringing up the kids, women contributed their all! I only wish to say “Thank you so much! Thank you Wifey! Thank you Mummy! Thanks to all women! P/S: Wifey, I love you. Baby Cynthia, daddy wish you happy birthday in advance.

If only there are more understanding and caring husbands like him, there will be more ladies out there willing to have babies, or to have more babies. 😛

Malaysian guys really are sweeter than most Singaporean guys. 😛

I hope my husband also can be that sensitive and sweet too when the time comes.

But…I think quite hard ah, since he’s so insensitive and…kinda..unfeeling at times. =P


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