My Dessert House

Some time back, on the same occassion which I bought my French Connection watch from AMK hub, we found a nice dessert place.


It’s My Dessert House(MSH), located at AMK hub, B1, just beside MOF. Their desserts and services are great. I cant remember the last time I’ve seen a real, warm smile. What’s more, the prices are very cheap and nett nett because they dont charge service charge nor GST. You merely order with an ordering chit and they will serve you.


Cinnamon bites.

Crispy bite-sized waffles drizzled with cinnamon powder, sugar and honey. Yummy! Great for lazy people like me, dont even have to cut up a waffle. Haha. $2 only.


Iced white fungus with snow pear.

I actually only remembered to take this pic when I’m halfway eating. It’s actually a huge portion and it costs only $3.50 for this beauty supplement.


Dearie’s tang yuan in longan soup.

Can change to ginger soup if you want.


Also wish to share 2 nice clutches I bought from a shop at L2 at AMK hub. Heard positive comments about it. They costs $15.90 each.




They can be carried as wristlets, handbags and clutches.

AMK hub has a few shops which sell great stuffs. If you’re sick of going to town, it might be an alternative. But for clothings, I still think online ones are better. Trashy clothings are selling at $19.90 in shops and the slightly better ones are selling at $39.90 or more. Rubbish. I can get better ones and more unique ones online. Wait till my parcels come and I will post them up. =)


2 Responses to My Dessert House

  1. huey says:

    love your new blog layout! 😀
    I like amk hub too! 😀

  2. Chilli Padi says:

    words abit tiny. =P
    Yeah some of the stuff are cheap and good. Hee

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