Choose your own life

I’ve heard of many couples having a common problem, that is, guy spending too much time gaming, hence, neglecting the girl. No matter they’re married or not, it poses a problem which might aggravate through time.

Many guys are boys at heart. While we ladies have our hobbies like mahjiong, doing mani/pedi, the guys also have too, i.e, playing their own games. I always tell myself, rather than having my guy going out to drink with his buddies, club around outside which I CANT see, isnt it better that he stays at home? Although it will be too much if he only sees his computer and PSP, and not you. So set a time limit.

Like, “dear, now is 6pm, later 8pm we watch 我猜我猜我猜猜猜 together okie?” Usually when he’s doing his stuffs, I will do mine. I dont get it why some girls can get lonely with nothing to do. Online shopping, surfing, drama serials, blogging, reading magazines, reading, there are so much to do. Anyway, when we specify a timing, we usually adhere to it. Sometimes perhaps half an hour later if we’re stuck in the game or something but it’s fine.

I supposed dearie is not considered a gaming addict like some who can play 8hours straight and I appreciate that he will try to accompany whenever he can after his work even though he might be tired. And even if I wish to go out with my friends or play mahjiong, he wont get angry. Sometimes he even ferries me if it’s on the way. Where to get a hubby like that. =)

Ultimately, marrying a good husband is of course important. Else, how much compromise you make will fall on blind eyes and deaf ears. So do consider carefully who you want to marry and think of the future. If you’re already having problems as GF and BF, then be prepared for even more serious problems after marriage. Dont settle down just because you want to get married. Marriage is a lifestyle thing and not a trendy peer-pressure thing which you have to follow by hook or by crook. It’s just a different route which some choose. It’s not glamorous, not compulsory and certainly not necessary.

Choose your own life.


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