It seems I’ve been sleeping later and later, or rather, “earlier” and “earlier”. It’s like, I dont wish to go to sleep. I have a dozen things on my mind and is working like a CPU, which dont wish to be shut down. Not only that, I’ve adopted a really bad habit recently. That is, doing a dozen things at 1 time.

For example, I wish to listen to songs and yet play online games at the same time. So I will mute the game while playing it, and then listen to my songs. Or I will surf while watching my drama serials. You’re thinking how can I surf when I need to watch my dramas? Ha.

I will let the drama play in the background and I’ll listen to them…..but my window will be surfing online instead. It’s thattttt bad and I cant help it. And I wont be surfing just 1 site….I can surf like 10 sites at 1 go. Sometimes I might watch the drama..for like 30minutes…but my mind will wander to other stuffs…like..”got a song very nice..I want to download it…”….”hmm what sprees are going on now…” or “how are my friends getting on…time to check their blogs”…etc and etc! It’s really hard for me to 100% concentrate on a drama serial unless they’re really exciting. And it’s totally impossible for me to do a single thing at 1 time. It’s bad because I realised I couldnt fully concentrate at only 1 thing.

Anyway, my mozilla firefox is pretty temperamental lately. It has already crashed umpteen times until I switch to Internet Explorer. But I feel so lost there because all my fave links were bookmarked in MF. Imagine all my usernames, passwords, just everything, I need to re-key in IE. How can I remember…..so I have to open MF time to time(it usually crashes after 10seconds) to check.

I realised whenever I stop blogging for too long, I had trouble trying to express my thoughts. Sigh. Ultimately, English is not my best subject. It’s also the main reason I didnt choose to go JC because I’m afraid I’ll fail the GP paper. Anyway, dearie is a graduate and I’m thankful he entered our industry else I might not get to know him. Since he’s earning more than most of his peers, I guess it’s a right decision for him after all.

Am listening to 妥协 and 假装 by Jolin now, I actually find them(the melody) pretty nice, which is a refreshing change to Jolin’s normal fast songs. It’s true that her fast songs are much nicer than her slow songs. The last I remembered being nice is 倒带. Haha okie. I’m very backward. Anyway, I dont feel she sang them particularly nice, which is a waste…. Opps…I might offend the Jolin’s fans. =P

Yesterday I went to bed with an empty stomach.

Do you know what will happen when you sleep with an empty stomach??!!!

Answer: You will dream of food!!

Yes it’s true! Because I’ve experienced twice!

I dreamt that I’m enjoying a sumptuous BUFFET and was eating like nobody’s business. Lol. Damn shiok! As if it’s not enough, after the buffet, I went to a very unique bread shop and bought like $100+ worth of different flavours of bread….I remembered I was given some $50 voucher too. Muahahaha

Then! Suddenly in the midst of everything, there was a MURDER!!

The murderer left lots of clues behind and I was investigating who might be the murderer…when dearie woke me up!

I chided him, if he didnt wake me up, I will be able to crack who’s the murderer one!

Dearie: ya ya ya. Sorry for waking you up. You go back sleep la, continue the dream and find the murderer k.


Chey he think so easy to continue a dream. So far only got once or twice my dreams can continue after I plopped back to sleep. It’s most bizarre. Hmmmm…………..

Argghhh if I still have problems expressing in English, still like this ta tut ta tut, I shall blog in chinese liao. =P


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