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This post is about my meager collection of watches! Haha. I think I cant really term it as a collection since I only got 5. *sob sob*

Actually I got 6 lah, including the Rolex which Mummy gave me for my dowry, but I didnt take a picture of it as it’s sitting in the safe. Kinda lazy to take it out. I haven wear it yet as it doesnt go very well with my clothings(except office wear). Haha. And I think I dont feel comfy wearing $10K+ on my wrist.

Though over the years, I had more than these with a few being birthday presents. But somehow, I dont know where they MIA. Lol. Ay, 喜新厌旧是人的本性嘛! Teehee! But it only applies to non-living things lah, so dont worry dearie. =)

Nevertheless, I just wish to share the pics of my other watches because I love them all, and mainly because I got a new member in yesterday. =D

I got this one cheap cheap with a birthday promotion or something. So it merely costs $100+, pretty worth it for a GUESS watch. =) I so auntie hor…see worth it and not bad then buy le. *paiseh*

Also a GUESS watch. My 2009’s birthday gift from Iv, Ce, Se, Chris, Tr, Ja. Thank you guys!

Another GUESS watch, except it’s a bracelet watch. Hmm Nothing much to say about it, except many people commented that it’s nice when I’m wearing it, even strangers. =.=”’


DKNY, bangle watch. Love the bling bling Swarovski Crystals, they instantly glam up any outfit you’re wearing.

*Dammit, from here, Mozilla crashed and I have to retype my whole entry. Arggghhh. I shall try to act as enthu as I WAS BEFORE IT CRASHED!*

Now…lo and behold my latest member to my humble collection!


French Connection. Love the classy yet simple, elegant design. Love the box too!

This watch has a 20% off it’s normal price at $285, settling at $220something. When I fished out my card to pay, dearie beat me to it. Thanks dear! Smuacks!!

(P/S I was actually more enthu and sincere with the previous entry before it crashed and it’s difficult to re-enact all the same emotions again especially when I’m feeling so vex having to re-type. But I do really appreciate okie dearie. =D Love you much)

Duhz, once again, the shop is H2hub at B1.

*Entry ends abruptly because the author has no mood to carry on. Shall continue in future when I have the once-in-a-blue-moon-mood to post pics*

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