Why Do Guys Shiver At The Thought Of Marriage?

Saw this topic on a forum and I guessed many ladies have wondered about the answers at one point or another.

To me, the answer is as clear as day. That is, around 90% of the guys are made like that, naturally, in their genes. They feel….they’re like HORSES. They enjoy being carefree and sees us WOMEN as evil tyrants who wish to tie them down, dominate them, whip them into slavery, torture them bla bla bla. Haha~ 想太多.

On the other hand, some of the most COMMON excuse they will give, or rather the most CONVINCING excuse they will give is,

“Oh I want to have a well-established career before I settle down.”

And that, successfully postponed the so-called “jail term” to like 7-8years later when he’s 35, because that’s usually their peak and the age where they cant say “no”.

What they wouldnt come clean is, the reason which they dont wish to get married is because they still wish to play the field, to flirt(harmlessly or harmfully) without any guilt, just because they circled “single” on application forms!

They might be in love with you but it’s like cutting a finger off when they thought about how they need to answer to grudging wives about their guys’ late nights out and to justify the flirty conversation with the secretary.

The fear of being restricted, and the need for reporting and lastly, the fear of the words “responsibility” and “honour”.

While the topic is on hand, I dont think I’m very much the scary wife because I hardly ask where is my husband, unless I wish him to fetch me(haha) or I wish to meet him, nor do I disallow him to go out on weekends for his boys’ night. So lucky you okie.

Anyway, what irks me much is not about this topic but rather a reply posted by a female.

“Not only guys shiver, I am a woman and I shiver at the thought of marriage.
I will not get married for the following reasons:

1) We are being pressured by HIS friends to move in with HIS parents after marriage. I do not want to stay with my in laws and I dunno how are his friends involved.
2) HIS dad is already planning how I should take care of MY future BABY. I squirm at the thought of him naming MY future baby.
3) I hate those fookers who tries to put us together and at the same time sarcastically comment on how hard life is for MEN after marriage. OXYMORON?!
4) Hate those seniors who talk about how they scrimped and saved to buy their first house – about how we will have to survive in future with just a 14inch TV and a mattress and no aircon.
5) He wants a dog for life. If I have a BABY, no dog. Alternatively, dog without fur.
6) He complains that he is tired after work so he doesn’t do housework. Don’t try that on me, most married women I know works and do housework. I hate lazy men.
7) Married women that I know look older than single women…
8) Women gets fatter after childbirth. Some men don’t understand and it becomes an excuse for ….
9) I love my mom.

To those boliao friends, I told ’em straight in the face : I have a 42 inch at home now, my mom dotes on me, I dont have to do housework, I have no in-laws, I do not have to scrimp and save, I have aircon as and when I like. My bed is comfy. If I have to suffer so much for marriage, I just want to stay status quo. Thank you.

I enjoy single life, just being attached and traveling around as and when we like. This is freedom.”

*expelled breath in apprehension*

You know what, it’s precisely these type of girls who made Singaporean guys sees us as prissy, amateurish, demanding, ignorant green-house flowers.

She hates lazy men? How about looking herself in the mirror? All she cares is about her looks, whether she look older nor fatter after marriage. EVERYONE will age, no matter you marry or not, it’s about how you take care to maintain yourself. I have friends who are hot mummies like Rain, Lis, Jy, Kel and they still look so good even after giving birth. Even much better than me. Alright, at least I admit I’m lazy in maintaining my physical outlook.

Back to topic, I’m not finished with suan-ing her.

She shivers at the thought of marriage? HAHAHA.
I think her boyfriend will not only shiver, but convulsed in petrified horror with froth oozing from his mouth at the thought of marrying her.

It’s not about her notion to stay single and yearns freedom that made her so mediocre. It’s..it’s about the way she talked! She eloquently made it clear she dont wish to do something better in her life and intends to live off her loving mother till the day she dies. Horrified of hardships and I dont see even a shadow of the word “accommodation” in her dictionary. And she can still continue to love her mother even after marriage what. What is she thinking manz, mummy-girl?

And who can blame her if she sounded like and behaved like a bimbo, her mom had spoilt her. It’s as if, she dont wish to grow up because it’s such a hassle to learn how to support herself. Yaya and she assumes her mum is an immortal who will live forever, do the housework forever and let’s pray her parents finish the housing installments before they DIE. Or better so, leave behind a HUGE legacy via insurance(that, you can call me) so that she can live like a queen.

If she can get so worked up over doing housework, I truly hope her mom bought bouts of insurance(call me again) so that in case of illness, she can hire a private nurse to take care of her. BECAUSE, her darling daughter doesnt sound CAPABLE or WILLING of doing anything except watching her 42inch LCV TV. It’s truly sad having a daughter like that.

Seriously, it’s gradually becoming a more and more detrimental social problem in society that more Singaporean girls are becoming like that, i.e, a vapid bimbo who cant take hardships, lives off parents and expects a rich husband. And it’s not a secret how the guys sees us and they’re even more obvious in forums.

If you haven noticed, for some of the richer population, the over-indulgent mothers has started bringing their young daughters to cosmetic salons for minor plastic surgeries. That is going to instill what kind of thinking in their child?

“Looks ARE everything. There’s no need to study and work smart. Just look your best, find a rich husband and that’s it. I will invest all my money into making you pretty and you should too! In addition, carry MiuMiu bags even if you have to starve because you have to act class, and thus, attract rich guys.”

I’ve kinda noticed rich guys who did well in their careers are seldom that stupid to fall in love with bimbos like that, no matter how gorgeous they are. At most, they will have flings, shower them with gifts, period but will not marry them. It’s like wise with their business, they’re logical and analytical. In short, they wont buy something with depreciating value, because looks will fade but intelligence wont.

If these bimbos are smart enough, they should not only spend money in beautifying themselves but also spend money to study more courses, read more, speak more so that they cultivate culture and class naturally to exude their personal aura. But again, if they know this simple fact, they wont be bimbos anymore~


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