Want to eat sausage?

I’m not in the best of mood because my lips are swollen again. Same old problem, coldsore. Sigh…how can I ever get rid of this for good.

So for the time being, I’m hiding at home. I have a review with mentor on thursday but if my lips are still swollen, I will get an MC. I dont enjoy seeing people with my sausage-lips. Speaking of which, I recalled a very hilarious movie which Tony Leung and many other stars like Lin Qing Xia, Jacky, Maggie, Leslie, Carina starred in, 东成西就.

I can NEVER forget the way Tony looked with his sausage-lips and giant ears.

AND the ultimate conversation between him and the 店小二.

Tony: 给我拿两条香肠过来
店小二: 客官, 您不是在吃着吗?
Tony: 我不可以打包阿?! (**I laughed till toh!**)
店小二: 行行!


I’m not as jialat though currently but was close to it years ago when my coldsore was really serious. So dear dont stress me okie. It always aggravates when I’m under stress.

Sigh, must wait for it to recover before I can meet my friends. I haven meet Rain and Eil for a long time and kinda missed chatting with them. Chris too, and tracy for her post birthday.


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