Ay…just finished watching 洛神. So sad so sad. I must watch some comedies, like 栋笃神探 to shoo away the sad mood. Sigh it’s such a touching story, great show! Ada especially did a fantastic job, as usual. Love her! Soniji looked so evil and ugly in the show! Weird. She’s supposed to be gorgeous, Miss Hongkong okie. I think the evil roles always have devilish-looking make-up to make them look mean. Anyway, Sonija dont look flattering in 古装 shows because of her big face, unlike Ada who looks good in any hairstyle or setting. Hey it’s a fact. Love her sharp features and height. Sigh, can I look like her in my next life? =P Kinda lazy to do a review and even if I did, it cant be covered in just a paragraph. You just have to watch it, no matter how late.

If ever I have the chance, I would love to go back to the past and see how it’s like in the olden times. And because it’s almost impossible, sometimes I really yearn to become an actress as that’s the only way to re-live a story or real character. I think it will be such an enjoyment to play any role so long so it lends meaning. Though again, I’m dreaming. HAHAHA.

I’m not too sleepy now because I slept for a few hours just now. Met up with SL, Fab, KS, WX and YH in the early afternoon and went JB. Concussed right after a bath with a facial mask still piled onto my face. It was an enjoyable Saturday. We shopped around but I didnt see anything interesting to buy. Mainly was ktv and eat eat eat.

The ktv was only S$5.70 including drinks like beer and 3hours of singing. Shiok! But hor, not many songs lah and the room got a slighttttt smoky smell. Still bearable and forgotten when we got the singing going. The HK cafe was so-so at City Square but the seafood was great. We ordered salted egg crayfish which was my 1st time. Yummy! Cereal prawn was so-so, ginger onion la-la and dear meat were not bad. Also ordered a kai lan which was too hard for my liking. Less than $20 per pax. Shiok!

Love it. Shall go in JB to eat again. This is my 1st time taking bus in. Thank god we were chattering all along so it doesnt seem tiring or boring to queue so long, on top of the journey. But it was pretty fast at night around 10+pm. I think I merely took max 30min including customs to reach my home. Haha. KS said he will drive next time so as it’s easier to buy discs back. Please do! Anyway it’s better for him and FAB because they stay soooo far.

By the way, my apologies for being late for half an hour in the afternoon because I was very sick yesterday and the medicine made me drowsy. I was at Ir’s birthday gathering the night before at a ktv pub located at YCK and was sneezing non-stop. However since I promised to go, I held my word. Instead, I dunked myself with beer to make my body “hot” so as to stop the flu because I forgot to bring my pills. Upon hearing that sentence of “making myself hot”, all of them start to laugh. What so funny manz. =P
But it works though. Haha. However, the flu came again when I reached home. =.=

Few days ago, Tr also asked me for drinks because it’s her birthday. Since she only asked me on the day itself and I was tormented by the intense cramp pains, I said I’ll meet her another day. Suddenly realised I got quite a handful of libra friends!

Sweet and wonderful people. =)

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