1st day of PMS. Damn bloody, truest to the word, crappy!

My EMAS cant work again. I dont know what is the problem but I cant help feeling annoyed. And because my company’s EMAS is so damn sensitive and retarded, it always make them problematic. That’s why my Mozilla FF and any other programs are always the most outdated version because I worry that they might be incompatiable.

My husband always like to install programs which he feels SO INTERESTING to HIM on MY bloody laptop. I suspect it’s the reason that the EMAS cant work because of incompatibility because I dont install programs one. I’m simply too lazy to source out new programs like guys LOVE to do. Sometimes it’s some foreign player which he said can help me download my movies/dramas. Dont you get it? I dont like to download, it wastes time and space, slows down speed performance. But you always insists to install it. I uninstalled once but then you go and install AGAIN.

Next, is some program which transforms the normal windows desktop into one which looks like Apple imac. I dont know WHY he’s so crazy with apple computers so much so he have to go into the shop EVERYTIME but I’m so not interested. And it causes me SO MUCH inconvenience trying to adapt to the new desktop. I did TRY! But finally gave up when again it causes some problems.

Please lah. It’s not the 1st time already. Kindly stop installing programs on MY laptop without MY permission, it’s bloody irritating! Install on your own lor! What you like might not be what I like.

Damn pek chey!



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