Just an entry..

Like I said, last sunday was spent at Esplanade again to 猜灯谜 although the 猜 has nothing much to do with me because I only managed to get 1 answer correct among the zillions. And no, I did not went up to answer…shy mah…and…it’s very long queue.

FIL answered 1 of a few very tough questions and thus got a special price which is a pretty exquisite mini tea set. Nice. As for me, haiz, much to learn loh. The host is one of our many chinese news reporter, Zheng Jin Xiang. He is entertaining lah and shared some basic knowledge about 猜灯谜 and provided many tips. No wonder I see people carrying thick stacks of notes..there’s really alot to remember and learn. I’ll probably blog a few interesting 灯谜 I heard that day when I’m free…

I’ve finally got rid of my eyelash extensions, a painful process. =( At least I’ve experience it..but really, not a big deal. If you never experience it before….dont try! I expected to be “botak” with all the lashes gone but surprisingly..still got abit left lah. *sob* Must diligently apply lash tonic from now on.

Finally finished 古灵精探B, merely for the sake of finishing it. Really nothing much to rave about, as compared to other outstanding TVB shows.

Movie title: CLoudy with a chance of meatballs
Ratings: 3.8/5
COmments: Quite funny..but for the price $13 per pax, it’s not a must to watch.

I’m really not in a very good mood these days….appreciate everyone who tried cheering me up…

A spot above my knee hurts. =( I think Grace massaged too hard. =~(


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